Bengaluru Railway Station Gets Its First Public Fridge To Feed Needy Passengers

source: toi

Bengaluru’s South Western Railway (SWR) has set up a fridge in KSR City Railway station to reduce wastage of food and feed needy passengers. This public fridge has said to be donated by an NGO and it is placed at the entrance of the railway station.

The fridge will help solve food wastage

This initiative was led by Ajay Kumar Singh, general manager SWR. He gave his ideas wings at Hubballi station in August to reduce food wastage and eradicate hunger. The report says that the Bengaluru railway division will install 50 community fridge at all major stations under its Happy fridge initiative.


“The idea is to respect the dignity of every individual. Anyone feeling hungry, but not having resources to acquire food, can take food from the fridge. Anyone having extra food can leave it in the fridge to help others,” said Ashok Kumar Verma, divisional railway manager, Bengaluru.

source: toi

Benefits to the needy

The railway is used by lakhs of passengers every day, including, poor laborers, daily wagers, blue-collar workers, missing or lost children and other socially disadvantaged groups of the society.

“As a solution to provide such people access to food, without hurting their dignity, the division partners with Feeding India to provide community fridges at railway stations under Happy India initiative. It will not only solve the hunger issue but also solve the issue of wastage of food at food stations. These fridges will be managed and maintained by Feeding India volunteers, which includes mainly students and good Samaritans,” said SWR official.



However, the SWR is also looking to install almirahs next to these fridges for many homeless people who sleep at railway platforms fighting the night chill.