Bengaluru: Netizens react to a 71-year-old man getting dragged by scooter for 1 KM

A 71-year-old man was dragged by a scooter on a busy road in Bengaluru in broad daylight. The scooter-borne youth attempted to flee after hitting an SUV.

Dragged by Scooter for 1 km

A 71-year-old man was reportedly dragged for nearly 1 kilometer on road by a scooter-borne youth in Bengaluru on Tuesday. The 25-year-old scooter rider, Sahil, had hit the elderly man’s SUV from behind, as per news agency ANI, and as the elderly man exited his car to question Sahil, he attempted to flee.


Muthappa, the car driver, then rushed and held the scooter to assure that he didn’t escape but was dragged by the scooter-borne man for almost a km on the Magadi Road in the city. The terrible visuals of the incident were captured on camera; the video was shared by ANI.

“He was arrogant, did not stop after hitting my Bolero from behind, and tried to flee. So I did not want to leave him. He tried his best to escape and wanted me to leave his scooter… he rode the vehicle like a snake. A couple of youngsters followed and tried to attack and stop him. Finally, a couple of auto drivers and bikers managed to stop him and caught hold of him,” Muthappa said, quoted in Hindustan Times.

Case registered

After the incident, a case has been registered and police detained Sahil. The victim suffered a few scratches and is undergoing treatment at a hospital.



Muthappa maintained that if the man expressed regret after hitting his car, he would have let him go, but he tried to get away on his scooter.

“The public called the ambulance and I have been given treatment. Many people had gathered there, they even beat him. If he had said sorry after hitting my vehicle, I would have let him go. My shoes and a new set of pants that I had worn protected me to a large extent, they both are torn now,” he said, adding that he has some injuries on the lower part of his body”.

Netizens react

As soon as the video surfaced on the internet, it garnered several reactions.