Bengaluru Corona Update: A Person Who Attended A Concert In Bengaluru Might Be COVID-19 Positive

Bengaluru Corona Virus
Courtesy: The Indian Express

A Bengaluru resident who attended a musical concert in the city has been tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. While the government denies her being positive, the resident admitted herself by posting it on Facebook.

On March 12th, the Indian Foundation for the Arts (IFA) organized a musical program ‘A Musical Evening with Mir Mukhtiyar Ali’ in the Chowdiah Memorial Hall. The fundraiser event went on for an hour and a half. Now a person who attended the concert has come out with a revelation that she has been tested positive for the coronavirus. The organizers of the event also confirmed that the concerned person had attended the event.

Mir Mukhtiyar Ali
Courtesy: The News Minute

The organizers put out a statement on social media announcing the same and also urged the other attendees to quarantine themselves or report immediately to the nearest government hospital. The organizers also apologized for the inconvenience and wished for the speedy recovery for the infected person.

According to Ruam Mukherjee, a member of the Indian Foundation for Arts, the tested person had arrived in the city from Switzerland. While the government is yet to confirm if there has been a confirmed patient with a travel history to Switzerland, a choreographer from the city, Diya, posted a video of herself claiming that she has been tested positive.

Confusion about her Test

In her post, Diya claimed that the team of doctors treating her confirmed her to be positive and cautioned the unpreparedness of the situation. She also urged everyone who had come in contact with her to either get tested or quarantine themselves. She returned to the city on the 9th of March.

Diya is currently admitted at the ESI Hospital in Indira Nagar. While her swab test results are out, we are yet to confirm whether it is positive or negative. However, according to the protocol of the Indian government, both the swab test and the blood test has to turn positive for a person to be a confirmed case. Her blood test results are awaited.

When the organizers were held accountable for organizing the event, Anuradha Ghosh, the director of IFA, in their defense claimed that at the time the regulation on public gathering wasn’t issued and hence they went ahead with the event. However, to the relief of many, she said that most seats were empty as only 200 showed up at the event.