Top 9 Android Apps for Students Which Are Helpful In Many Ways

android apps for students

You already know that we like to touch several fields, sectors or needs that can be covered by applications. Well, today is the turn of an artistic field such as writing.
You do not even need Word, Pages or another powerful word processor associated with a computer and the idea of ​​an office. We invite you to try 9applications that streamline the phases of the creation process (take notes, write, correct, edit and publish) , so you can move the work between devices and the hypothetical muse never caught you off guard.

There are many android apps for students of this type, and therefore, we make a small selection for you. So if you want WritingCheap then use the below apps.

9 Best Android Apps for Students

1. Editorial

It may be the most recent of those that have appeared, but it has come to be the best. With an intuitive, simple and clear interface, it has a very useful integrated internet browser as well as other resources such as the possibility of consulting Wikipedia and the infinite possibilities offered by its function to create work flows.

android apps for students

2. Quip – Free

We now turn to a great free option. Quip combines a word processor with an instant messaging system which makes it very useful if several work on the same project. Although it is still in its infancy, it can become a great tool for collaborative work. This is one of the best android apps for students to learn and write along.

android apps for education

3. Pages

We cannot leave the “official” iOS in a selection of word processors. Pages, which are the translation of iLife software to the iOS world, are undoubtedly one of the most complete but also the most expensive. In return it offers all the functionality that can be expected, very close to the computer experience.

4. Day One

This application is designed more to become a personal diary than to process text. It can be a great way to keep chronologically organized our ideas or for those who want to leave the conventional paper and move to a digital newspaper in which they can add photos, places, labels, etc to then review their experiences.

android apps for students

5. Phraseology

Again, a pure and hard text processor. Phraseology offers a clean interface, with ample writing space and intuitive sidebars. The best thing is the bars that is placed on the keyboard and that helps us move and select the text more quickly also offer customizable hot keys. So, for a reason, this is considered as the best android apps for students.

6. Flesky

Perhaps the simplest, but also the most effective. Originally designed for people with vision problems, it has an interface with a high-contrast keyboard and a gesture control system, which makes any button on the screen unnecessary to distract us from the text.

7. Evernote

Evernote is also one of the classic and, in addition to being able to be used without internet and it is free, its power lies in the ability to have all texts synchronized with our account and accesses them from any device.

student friendly android apps

8. Penultimate

Another free option, although it is more a notebook than a word processor. That is, you can type with the keyboard but Penultimate is designed to take notes “by hand”, either with your finger or with a capacitive pen (if you do not want to buy one, here we teach you how to make a homemade one). And since Evernote acquired this application last year, it added the search capability among the notes we keep.

9. iA Writer

iA Writer is another “simple”. So to speak, it approaches the experience of what was typed, that is, there is no possibility to choose fonts or variants such as bold or italics. It is focused to offer a quick and clean way to write … and nothing more.

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