Top 5 Must Installed Apps in Mobile Phones

must installed apps

Though Apple devices are being very popular in today’s world when it comes to being dominant, androids always top the list. According to IDC, in the third quarter of the current year, Android phones have made up to 84.3 percent of the worldwide smartphone market. The most prominent problem the iOS users face is that it does not support all the software but when it comes to Android, it does not give you these limitations. Smartphone in today’s world has literally become an entertainment hub for the people. It allows you to listen to the music, play games, watch movies, chat with friends or anyone, make phone calls and video calls etc. So, now let us tell you some apps that you must install in your android phone or iOS for that matter.

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Kingroot is an app which is used to root your android devices. It came into existence in 2013 and provides the rooting method to numerous Android devices like Sony, Samsung, Nokia etc. It is one of the best and reliable app if you are looking to root your android device. It is one of the easiest root software and provides the user with the highest success rate. Kingroot APK is preferred by the people around the world because rooting allows you to speed up your android device. So, if you are looking for an app that can root your device, Kingroot is the one for you.



Showbox is an android app which streams free movies and tv series online on your android devices. As we all know that our smartphone is an entertainment hub, so Showbox helps us in entertaining more by showing us tv series and a lot of movies. But the main thing we need to notice here is that Showbox is not supported by laptops and desktops. As Showbox is only an android based application, one cannot install it in their PCs. But still, there are some steps and ways to download it.

must installed apps


Who doesn’t like watching cartoons? From children to adults, everyone in this world loves to watch cartoons till some extent and really enjoy watching it, especially when you can watch it on your android phones as well. Cartoon HD is an app where you can watch cartoons online, it is not available only for Android users but the iOS users can also use it. Originally the app was taken from Gappcenter. Cartoon HD can be downloaded in your android devices with the help of APK file. The process of downloading it in APK file is known as “side-loading” which means that you are installing the app manually in your smartphones.

android apps


One cannot always manage to call the other person in case he or she needs to talk to them. Neither he or she can mail about petty things to them all the time. So, WhatsApp is an android app which solves your issue. It is an instant messaging and a free app where the users can talk to each other by using wifi or mobile data.

Whatsapp now does numerous activities which have solved people’s problem to a far extent. It not only allows you to talk to each other on messages but also now has a facility to voice call and video call which means that no one can call another easily through his or her mobile internet even he or she is having zero balance in the phone. You can also share photos, send voice notes, share documents and files etc, on WhatsApp. In short, WhatsApp in today’s world has become a very important part of every individual’s life.



Google chrome is a cross-platform browser application. Usually, it is an inbuilt app in your smartphones. Google chrome provides you with a variety of features like opening several tabs together, syncing, opening links etc. It is one of the secured apps and is also customizable in nature. People also find google chrome convenient and fast in working and giving results. It has been regarded as one of the best Android browsers around the world.

must installed apps

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