After Tejasvi Surya Urges, Karnataka Govt To Attach Rioters’ Properties To Make For Public Damage

Tejasvi Surya

Three people have been killed in the police firing in Bengaluru where violent riots took place over a Facebook post that was allegedly derogatory against Prophet Muhammad.

The riots had over 60 police personnel injured and some of the journalists were also attacked. The Bengaluru City Police has taken over 100 people into custody in relation to the riots that happened in the East Bengaluru region. As the news traveled, many leaders across political parties have appealed to the citizens to maintain peace and do away with violence.


Bengaluru riot
Courtesy: Arun Dev

Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya came up with a proposal to recover the public damage that was caused due to the riots. He wrote a tweet addressing the Chief Minister of Karnataka to attach the properties of the rioters to recover the damage caused. He quoted the example of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath who had taken similar steps during the riots in February. He wrote,

“I request Sri @BSYBJP to confiscate and attack properties of the rioters and compensate losses to public property in the same way as Sri @myyogiadityanath govt did in UP. Bengaluru is known for its peace and harmonious society. We must protect this strength of our city at all costs.”

Karnataka Home Minister Announces Steps

On Wednesday evening, the home minister of Karnataka state, Basavaraj Bommai said that the government will be taking strict actions against the perpetrators and also said that the state would be attaching the properties of them to make up for the public damage caused. Addressing the media, he said,

“I want to make an important announcement, i.e. recovery of the property, that’s what Supreme Court says that the public property damaged during violence should be recovered by the persons who have done it. That action we are going to take immediately we are identifying the persons and assessing the losses and we will see that losses are recovered by the rioters.”


Source: Times Now