After Munawar, Kunal Kamra’s Shows Gets Cancelled In Bengaluru Over Threats

A yet another incident comes to limelight just after the standup comedian Munawar Faruqui got deprived of his shows and event cancellations, a yet another person joins his league and is none other than the most controversial comedian ‘Kunal Kamra’ whose multiple shows from December 1-19 in Bengaluru have been cancelled over ‘threats to close down the venue’ if the shows were held, Mr. Kamra said in a statement on Twitter. Mr. Kamra, who was in Bengaluru for the shows, has left the city post his series of shows got cancelled.


                                 Kamra’s social media announcement

Kunal Kamra Once Again In The Spotlight

This incident took place just after Bengaluru police advised organisers of Munawar Faruqui’s show that they ‘should cancel the show’ following threats of protests by Hindutva groups. However, in the case of Mr. Kamra’s shows, the jurisdictional J.P. Nagar police have not issued any letter to either the venue or the organisers of the show, and there is no clarity as to why the shows were cancelled.


“On November 30, a group of ‘local residents’ held a protest in front of the venue – Artkhoj in J.P. Nagar – objecting to Mr. Kamra performing there. Police rushed to the spot and dispersed the crowd,” said Srinath Mahadev Joshi, DCP (South). “The venue has cancelled the shows, and we had nothing to do with it. Since it is an indoors programme, they need not take our permission,” he said.

Hosts Of The Show In No Mood To Respond

Owners of Artkhoj refused to comment on the issue, only confirming that the shows had been cancelled. “We are not in a position to comment on the matter,” a representative of Artkhoj told a leading news agency

“They have been cancelled for two reasons. Firstly, we didn’t get special permission to seat 45 people in a venue that can seat more. Secondly, threats have been made to shut down the venue if I were to perform there. I guess this is also part of the COVID-19 protocol and new guidelines. I suppose I am seen as a new variant of the virus now,” Mr. Kamra posted on Twitter.




Source ; The Hindu