Comedian Kunal Kamra In Trouble For ‘Joke’ Using Kid Who Sang For PM Modi

Kunal Kamra posted an edited video of the viral interaction between a 7-year-old and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The comedian replaced the patriotic song that the boy sang with the one on inflation and it has now caught the attention of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

Kunal Kamra mocking a kid

In an attempt to target the prime minister, Kunal Kamra also landed up mocking a child. Kamra posted an edited video of the interaction between Modi and the 7-year-old boy in Berlin. He replaced the song the boy had sung, “Hey Janmabhoomi Bharat”, with another, “Mehengayi daayan khaaye jaat hain” from the 2010 movie Peepli Live, taking a dig at the PM over rising inflation in the country.


“Now who did this,” Kamra captioned the post in his trademark style. However, the “Mehengayi” video that the comedian shared seems to have been deleted following the controversy.

Kamra vs Father Of Boy

Reacting to the edited video, the father of the child, Ganesh Pol said, “He is my 7-year-old son, who wanted to sing this song for his beloved Motherland. Though he is still very young certainly he loves his country more than you Mr. Kamra or Kachra whatever u are. Keep the poor boy out of your filthy politics & and try to work on your poor jokes.”

In reply, Kamra tagged Mr. Pol and said the original video was already in the public domain.


“The joke is not on your son, while you enjoy your son sing for his motherland to the most popular son, there are songs that he should listen to from people of his country also.”

Meanwhile, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)took cognizance of the complaint against Kunal over the matter. The child rights body even wrote to Twitter and the Delhi Police on Thursday, seeking the removal of the tweet and action against Kunal Kamra.

Many Twitter users were enraged over the video, some even calling for the comedian’s arrest and others saying that the video could impact the child.