After Employees Tested Positive, BMTC To Fine Staff For Not Wearing Mask At Work

bmtc fine

A day after one of BMTC’s ( Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) employees tested positive for COVID-19, they brought in strict measures to prevent a drop in ridership.

The transport company has announced a fine of Rs 500 for drivers and conductors who fail will be seen on duty without wearing masks. Under pressure to generate revenue to pay its employees, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is working hard to improve the daily ridership.



A lot of people use public transport these days and ridership has increased from 2.55 lakh on May 25 to 11.76 lakh on Thursday; the day on which a driver-cum-conductor tested positive for covid 19. On Friday, the corporation issued a circular to its employees, warning that any driver or conductor seen without wearing a mask shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs.500.

Considering the fact that several drivers and conductors have been found without masks, the circular states that it will affect the image of the corporation as a transport service provider.

“Passengers are hesitating to board the buses and negative reports have been broadcast by the media,” the circular read, before laying down the new rules.

An official said all its employees have been given face masks, sanitizers, and hand gloves. “If anyone hasn’t received them, we are ready to provide it. Most of the drivers and conductors are following the rules. The circular is to send a message to a few employees”, he added.