Top 5 Best Adidas Running Shoes Under Rs.5000


Running is one of the most efficient ways to keep yourself fit and healthy. It is a great way to exercise and you are not confined into a room with lots of equipment. But like any other exercise you need to have the proper equipment for running, viz. Running shoes. They are made to keep your feet comfortable as you run long distances. There are lots of different running shoes on the market but Adidas makes one of the best running shoes that you can get and with the help of the Adidas coupons you could get one of the best pairs under ₹5000.

If you are ready to shop for Adidas shoes then here is a list of 5 running shoes that you might find interesting.

Adidas Men’s Zeta

This pair of shoes from the German sportswear expert is an ideal option if you take running seriously. Costing just ₹3,599 they are one of the most affordable running shoes that you can get.

The shoes are made using a mesh material which is not only comfortable but extremely light as well. This pair of shoes is designed in such a manner that you get one of the best running experience. You won’t feel any sort of discomfort or pain in your feet even after taking a long run.


The shoes have a somewhat narrow opening so you might find it difficult to put on if you have wide feet. But there is no need to worry as once you put on these shoes they would fit snugly and you will be able to run long distances without any problem at all.

This brilliant pair is available in three colors viz. blue, black and gray. If you want one of the best running shoes at an affordable price then these are the best pair from Adidas that you can get.

Adidas Adiray 1.0 M

The Adiray 1.0 M from Adidas is another great option if you are ready to sacrifice a little bit of comfort for an affordable price. This pair of shoes could be yours for just ₹2,200, making them one of the most affordable running shoes on this list.

The shoes come in three different colors and thanks to their extremely cool look and casual design you could easily wear them on any occasion. They provide great comfort at this price point and you wouldn’t notice much discomfort while running long distances. They might seem a bit cheap but remember they are from Adidas which is one of the best sportswear manufacturers in the world. So, you could get this pair without thinking twice as they would do their job effectively and will serve you well for a long time.


Adidas Running Raddis Low Shoes

Adidas Running Raddis Low Shoes look like any traditional sports shoe. They have a classic feel but are engineered to be one of the most comfortable running shoes on the market. A pair would cost you ₹4,300 making them one of the more expensive shoes on this list.
The shoes are made from a mesh material which is both light and allows your feet to breath.

If you are a serious runner and want one of the best Adidas shoes on the market then there would be a great option. In case, the price looks a bit on the high side, you can always use Adidas coupons to get a discount on this brilliant pair of shoes. Being an Adidas branded product, they should last for a long time and you would fall in love with this pair for sure.


Adidas Men’s Adi Primo 1.0 M Running Shoes

Adidas Adi Primo 1.0 M is another wonderful product from the well-known sports brand. It made while keeping the runners in the mind and are easily one of the most comfortable running shoes on this list. The high-quality mesh material used to manufacture the shoes is designed to be breathable and extremely light. They are extremely comfortable even if you go for a long run.

The design of the shoes not only makes them comfortable but also sturdy. They are designed to last for a long time and come at a price of ₹3,099, they not too expensive. This pair of shoes is one of the best that you could get while having a perfect balance in terms of price and comfort.


So, go ahead and buy them today. You might also get an even better value on using the Adidas coupons while checking out.


The Adidas Supernova Sequence 9 M Running Shoes are definitely the best Adidas running shoes that you could get under ₹5,000. At the price of ₹4654, these are definitely the most expensive pair on this list. Being the most expensive pair comes with a lot of advantages over the other shoes on this list.

First of all, the shoes are designed while keeping comfort at the top of the list. So, these are the most comfortable shoes that you can buy from Adidas under ₹5,000. Secondly, they are designed to look great and would look amazing at any casual event which means they are more than just running shoes. As you can see there are some great benefits of these shoes. Adidas is also known to make products that last for a long time so you wouldn’t need to change your shoes quickly due to wear and tear. This makes them one of the best one-time investment on a pair of running shoes.

So, go ahead and buy these if you are a serious runner and want some serious shoes to help you.



Running is a great way to exercise your body and a brilliant pair of running shoes which are both comfortable and trendy are something that you should definitely own. Adidas is one of the best brands when it comes to manufacturing footwear and these are some the shoes that you should definitely consider if you are into running and have a budget of ₹5,000.



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