10 Wow Things To Know About The Adventurous Charmadi Ghat

Charmudi or Charmadi Ghat is one of the adventurous roads one can take for an experience beyond words and metaphors. A heavenly spot blessed with lush green and waterfalls is indeed the ‘Shaan of Karnataka.’ When we say Charmadi ghat, we are referring to the spectacular Western Ghats and the two beautiful places named Belthangdy and Mudigere. Come, let us know a few things about the spectacular Charmadi Ghat on today’s read.

Wow Things About Charmadi Ghat


Charmadi is a Ghat you find in Belthangdy taluk of Dakshina Kannada and Mudigere Taluk of Chikmagalur. It is one of the spectacular motor roads that connects Dakshina Kannada with Chikmagalur district.


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It is one of the points in the Western Ghats which on National Highway 73 connects Mangaluru to Tumkur. The nearby attractions are Ujire, Kottigehara, and Charmadi village.

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The magic of Charmadi as a ghat starts from Charmadi village and ends at Kottigehara. It is the center point that is a connection to the northeastern part of Dakshina Kannada to Chikmagalur. The highway also connects Dharmasthala, one of the popular pilgrimage sites of Karnataka.

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One of the major attractions of Charmadi is Ballarayanadurga. It is an amazing fort located atop a hill at a distance of 10 km from Sunkasale, via Kottigehara-Kalasa route.


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Sunkasale connects Hornadu which houses the temple of Shri Annaporneshwari. The other route to Ballayaranadurga is from Bandaje, quite a long route in compare with Sunkasale.

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Charmadi Ghat is also blessed with a waterfall named Bandaje Arbi. It falls from a height of 200 feet creating a staggering sight to experience.

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The ghat section that climbs to Charmadi from the Western Ghats is the National Highway 73. It is the most dangerous yet adventurous route out there. This roadway has 12 hairpin curves and receives a heavy downpour of 7000 mm during the monsoon.


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This highway passes through peaks which include Jenukallu Gudda, Baalekaalu Gudda, and Kodekallu Gudda. The roads you find here are too narrow to pass through. Baalekalu Gudda is at the 11th hairpin curve.

charmadi ghat facts
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On a usual note, Charmadi is always filled with mist but on a clear day, one can see the Mangalore coastline from the ghat atop.


things to know about charmadi ghat
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Charmadi is the deepest Ghat with so many faces to it, still unexplored. Also, the temperature at this place goes as low as some minus degrees during winter.

charmadi ghat

This was about Charmadi Ghat in brief. If you really want to experience Charmadi then you should step out of your daily mess and take a ride.

Best time to visit: Anytime but Monsoons are preferred.

Distance from Bengaluru: 292 km (5:30 hour)


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