10 Interesting Facts about Stone Chariot of Hampi Which Will Leave You in Awe

facts about stone chariot

Hampi, the land of Boulders and Ruins is a small village located in a Taluk named Hosapete in Bellary district of Karnataka. It was the center and the capital city of the Vijayanagara empire in 14th century. Being a UNESCO World Heritage site, Hampi is the most Google-searched tourist place in Karnataka. Considering the stories left by Persian and European travelers of that time, Hampi was the most prosperous, wealthy, and the grand city in India. Interestingly, by 1500 CE, Vijayanagara-Hampi was the world’s second-largest medieval-era city after Beijing. Without a second thought, it was India’s richest.

stone chariot

If you are a traveler then no place in the world will haunt you as the Hampi does. It is so mystic and broad that one cannot explore it in all length and breadth. There’s a saying among the locales that one should have strong legs to experience both known and unknown side of Hampi. It is that Vast!

When we say Hampi, the first thing that comes to our mind is this iconic Stone Chariot. Among the noted attractions of this city of ruins, Stone Chariot is one spot which earns its galore and admiration. So, how much you know about this World famous architecture? Here were are with a few interesting facts about Stone Chariot of Hampi, on today’s read.

About Stone Chariot Of Hampi

facts about stone chariot
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The Chariot is actually a shrine dedicated to Garuda, which you see inside the complex of Vijaya Vittala temple. There used to be a massive sculpture of Garuda seated atop the chariot but now, it is a ruin.

stone chariot


The Stone Chariot of Hampi is recognized among the three famous chariots in India; One in Konark and another one in Mahabalipuram.

stone chariot facts


The iconic chariot was built by the Great King of Vijayanagara, Shri Krishna Deva Raya during the 16th century. It is said in the history that the king got fascinated with the Konark Sun temple chariot while fighting a battle in Odissa, and wanted one of that kind in his empire.

stone chariot


There is an interesting talk among the locales that the world would come to a halt when the chariot moves from its space. Also, villagers believe that the idol inside the chariot was stolen by Britishers and it is still there, somewhere in Britain.

stone chariot facts


The architecture is inspired by the Dravidian art and it is a pure colossal structure mirroring the skills of the early craftsmen and architects.



One amazing fact about Stone chariot is its construction. It looks like one single piece of a solid structure. However, it was built by slabs of granite whose linkages are smartly hidden with artistic designs.

things to do in hampi


One should observe the base of the chariot which depicts the mythical battle scenes in its finest details. The chariot has elephants seated but you can clearly observe the hind legs and tails of the horses behind the elephants. A smaller ladder is observed in between the two elephants as a way to enter the inner sanctum of the shrine.

stone chariot


Stone Chariot of Hampi is designated as one of India’s most known archaeological destinations. Also, the Government of India printed the chariot in 50 Rupee Note.

stone chariot facts


The chariot is located in the complex of Vijaya Vittala temple where one can see the stone musical pillars. The beauty of these pillars is that they are built like a musical instrument. It was a place where dance programmes used to happen in those times.



The entire area of the complex is spread in an area of 26 sq.kms, most of the things around are ruined now. However, though the chariot is half-ruined, it still carries that enigma and magic in it.

For Your Information:

Timings: 8:30 AM – 5 PM (All Days of the Week)
Entry Fee: Rs.20
Photo / Video: Allowed
Visit Duration: 1-3 hours

This was about a few facts about Stone Chariot of Hampi. Being one of the oldest cities of the world, Hampi offers a lifetime experience for you, when explored to its fullest.

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