A Recent Survey Shows 73% Indians Trust PM Modi On National Security, 14.4% Trust Rahul Gandhi

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Amid the rising tensions with China, according to a survey conducted by the Cvoter agency, an overwhelming majority of 73 percent has trust in Prime Minister Narendra Modi with respect to National security.

The agency first posed the question of whether the neighboring country China poses a threat to the nation than the longstanding “enemy” Pakistan, 68 percent said it does while 32 percent believed that Pakistan is a bigger threat to India than China. Later, the survey asked the people whether they think the current Indian government has taken adequate steps to counter Chinese aggression. To that, 39 percent of the people who took the survey agreed that the Modi government has taken concrete steps for the Galwan valley incident which resulted in 20 casualties on the Indian side. The rest of them, around 60 percent, believed that the Chinese haven’t been made to pay their due for their aggression and believed the death of the soldiers need to be avenged.


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However, the survey showed that people are still on the side of Narendra Modi as they have immense trust in the government to deal with the issue. 73.6 percent of the people who took the survey said that they are confident about Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party than any other party in the country. 16.7 percent of them laid trust in the opposition parties while 9.6 percent said they don’t trust both the parties to handle the dispute with China.

14.4 Percent Have Trust On Rahul Gandhi

The survey also included questions pertaining to Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi. As per the survey, the people of India continue to show an inclination towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi than the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Close to 61 percent of the people said they have no faith in Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi has been critical of the government especially in its handling of the Chinese dispute.

In terms of National Security, 72.6 percent showed their faith in Modi while 14.4 percent believes Rahul Gandhi can do a better job. Among the people who took the survey, 68 percent believe the nation will boycott Chinese products while the rest think people will continue to buy Chinese goods.



Source: My Nation