A Minister From Imran Khan’s Political Party Mistakes Video Game Plane for Reality, Twitter Roasted Him

When it comes to social media entertainment, Pakistan takes its first place to be a topic for trolls. It was weeks ago a Pakistan news anchor made a headline, where she made a fool out of herself by thinking Apple Inc was a fruit selling company. As for now, its a paki politician who has gained the spotlight for his immense stupidity. The politician was spotted praising a pilot’s skill on a Twitter video that turned out to be a popular video game.

Pak politician confuse a video game with a real-life incident

Pakistani politician Khurram Nawaz Gandapur is the secretary-general of Pakistan Awami Tehreek came up with a video in which a passenger flight considerably avoids collision with a fuel tanker while landing. However, he believed it to be a real-life event and shared it on Twitter with the caption, “Narrow escape of an aircraft which could have ended in a great disaster. Miraculous save by pilot’s presence of mind.”


This video originally posted by a YouTube user, it’s pretty obvious right from the beginning that it’s a simulated situation.

He is a senior leader in Pakistan Prime Minister Imran khan’s Pakistan. His tweet soon was a topic of troll, people all over the world trolled him for his confusion towards game life and reality. Nawaz then deleted the post, but sadly for him, the damage was already done. Surprisingly, there were people who joined his tweet by calling the incident in the video an Airport department failure.

A Twitter account named Pakistan Zindabad and handle wrote: “Mis-coordination between departments working at any airport in the world can lead to a major disaster. In this clip, an oil tanker was crossing runway and at the same time, an aircraft fully loaded with passengers landed. One must appreciate as to how the pilot saves the lives of the passengers.”

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