9apps An Android App Distribution Platform, Providing Entertainment, Information And A Lot More Services


The technological development catering to the growing needs of the audience has resulted in the development of a large number of platforms providing entertainment, information and a lot more services. 9apps is another such important and unique platform.

9apps is an Android App Distribution Platform. In other words, it provides people the tool to update and install applications in their gadgets which can be either an android phone or a personal computer. Apart from these it also provides services for office, work, entertainment, wallpapers and so on. This makes 9apps a multipurpose application. 9apps is popular and is preferred globally. However, it is widely popular in countries like India, Indonesia, and Russia. It is established as a trusted online tool. Founded in December 2013, it is a development of Alibaba Group Company which is widely popular and trusted too.



Points to be noted

1. It supports Android apps, IOS, and the PC version. Thus, it is easily available to a larger audience.
2. It is a third-party app. This means that it is different from the google play store. One here needs to keep in mind that the phones that support google play services might create an obstacle while downloading 9apps. The solution is one just need to change the setting of the phone i.e., allow installation from unknown sources.
3. In common language, we can say that it acts as an alternative to google play store.


Why go for 9apps?

1. It covers a wide range of choices. It provides people with all the services whether entertainment or information anything. This gives people large choices and serving as a multipurpose application.

2. People who are more fascinated by seeing new apps, then 9apps also provide recommendations. In other words, it recommends you to try other apps likely to match your interest.


3. One important feature is that 9apps has also partnered with various online retailers like Paytm, Jabong, Myntra, Flipkart and others. Now this provides the users the platform to compare prices of the products and make a wise choice.

4. 9apps works on lesser data. In other words, it has got advanced data compression technology. This gives it an upper hand since it helps users to maintain their mobile bills quite affordably.

5. 9apps also provide users the choice of choosing the Hindi language for comfort. Through this feature, users can use the app efficiently.


6. 9apps is comparatively speedier. Its fast browsing help users to get, say, games and wallpapers quickly.

7. Another important benefit of 9apps is that the apps available are also of a small size. This acts as an incentive for android phones with less phone storage. This also prevents the phone from slowing down.

9apps is an important tool. Like, google play stores provide services to the users, in the same way, 9apps also proves useful and efficient. It is all user-friendly, safe (it keeps a check on malware), efficient, easily accessible and thus making it popular. Moreover, as mentioned before 9apps acts as a multipurpose application it helps people to get their work done on the same app.