7+ Useful Tips to Impress Her on First Date

Generally, First dates decide whether the relationship will go forward or not. So you should be all set and prepare well for the first date as you will not get any second chance to make the first impression. You don’t have to go over the top to make the ends meet, it’s just you have to be careful and don’t let her down for anything. Go well prepared with the plan that it doesn’t fail at the end moment. Thus we are here with some tips for the first date that is sure to impress the girl and will lead to a number of more dates.

Save your Best Cologne for the First Date

You should smell good; it is the key to start any good relationship. So at least for that day bath properly and use your best cologne to impress the girl. The good smelling man attracts a girl way too much and with this good deed of you, she won’t be able to take eyes off you. This is first such tip which makes girls weak on knees and it also seduces the woman. Thus good smelling cologne will help you make a very good first impression.


Pick her up from a Place

This is yet again a wonderful tip for making a good first impression on a first date. Take her permission to pick her up from her place, this gesture would be sweet and caring and along with that, you will get extra time to be with her. In the ride, you can know about her taste in music and bond over with similar music taste if you guys have one. As you guys would already converse in the ride, it would be not very awkward during the date as you both will be a bit comfortable.

Give her all your Attention

The best way to win over a girl’s heart is by giving her all your attention and time. Listen to everything she says carefully and does not cut her while she is talking. You can relate to the things she is talking about and give her some similar responses. She will be glad by this and will get an idea that you are so into her. Notice the little things like what she is ordering or what the colours she admires are. Through all this, you can impress her ordering her choices and giving her gifts the next time you meet.

Talk about her, Least about Yourself

The best way to let her know you are into her is being all about herself. Tell her how much you adore her, the way she talks, her style, her personality and everything. Talk about yourself quite frequently. Let her you are awed of her dressing her, her dog, her hairstyle and everything. She will be overwhelmed to have such a loving person by her side. And these efforts will surely lead to many more dates in future. Make online chocolate delivery to her place after your first successful date and impress her.


Compliment her but Don’t Read Cheap Lines

Complimenting girls is the key, but you do not have to copy paste those lines from movies or any books. Heartfelt compliments are always appreciated and are genuine than the cheesy dialogues of the movie. Don’t give seductive connotations on the very first date it leaves a very bad impression. But you can appreciate her work ethics and tell her how beautiful she is. Every girl will be carried away of you complimenting her and it is the quickest way to grab the attention of a lady.

Be Neat, Dress Fine

It is not only about the looks but dressing plays a very important role to make or mare man’s first impression. So dress like a gentleman, give more attention to the way you dress today. Dress well, build a personality wearing a watch, groom your hair and your beard, in short, don’t go shabbily dressed. Don’t be a flirt dressed in a gentleman’s clothes. Thus dress your best as a lady pays a lot of attention to the way you dress and so this plays a very important role in making a good first impression on the first date.

Be who you are

Don’t try to pretend a really cool personality, just be who you are. Don’t force humour, be natural and it falls automatically on the place. Don’t become a different person trying to impress the girl; she will fell for who you are. You guys are meeting because both of you did find something in each other so just be the same person who is talking with her for a while now. And she would have definitely found something nice in you that’s the reason you guys are meeting or having this first date together after many text and phone conversations. Buy flowers online and greet her with the beautiful blooms on the first date.


Get her to Ask Questions

Make her comfortable on the date and let her be the one to ask you different questions. You don’t start bombarding some really unwanted questions on the very first date. The more questions she will ask, the more interested she will get. Many men believe this is the great way to start a date which lasts longer for good. If you want to keep her talking you have to ask her some questions and keenly listen to her. These are the little things you need to take care of while having the first date.

Just keep these tips in mind on your first date and you will surely charm the girl being yourself.