2 Nations, 12 States: This Bengaluru Couple’s Budget Travel Is Giving Some Serious Travel Goals

bengaluru couple travel goals

Traveling is expensive, whether it is inter-city or an international destination but this power couple from Bengaluru knows exactly how to manage their finances while they roam around the entire country. In fact, it was the love of travel that brought them together. Sunil Patil and Chandana Rao are perfect goals for any couple who loves to pack a bag and just go for the thrill of traveling.

They met in Hampi for the first time and got to talking about their love for low-budget traveling. That is how their love story started.

source: Instagram

Sunil says, “We fail to understand people when they complain about time and money restricting them from traveling. There are a sufficient number of public holidays and holidays that each professional has. As for money, it entirely depends on the willingness to step out of your comfort zone. Of course, it does take a serious amount of planning while having the courage to be spontaneous for pocket-friendly trips.”

source: Instagram

Together, this couple has taken onto 2 countries and 12 states proving that you don’t need a bulky wallet to make your dreams of traveling come true. Unbelievably so, the couple spent only about Rs 7000 on a 15 day trip to Rajasthan and only about Rs 5000 on a 12 day trip to Gujarat.

The things they save upon is luxury travel, food, and stay.

A typical budget trip for this couple looks something like this:

• Rs 550 train ticket per head
• Rs 15-50 spent on per meal
• Traveling by bus/train at night inter-city, thus saving on hotels
• Hitchhiking wherever possible
• Staying in tents (after examining the safety)
• Staying at friend’s house, in temples or government facilities
• Avoid shopping, hotels and hiring private vehicles

Sunil recalls in an interview that when he had left for Hampi, he was not in a good place. He had just left his job to become a traveler which did not go well with his parents. Things looked glum and uncertain. He met Chandana on the bus and when he told her of his plans, she supported his decision. That is the time when he truly fell for her.

The couple has not looked back since and is in no plans of quitting this amazing way of getting to see the world.



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