7 Habits Of Positive People

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Happiness doesn’t just happen by chance, it’s a choice. While it may not seem that way at
times, it’s all in your perspective, coming from the knowledge that you can choose to be happy, focusing on feelings of joy, wonder, and satisfaction from your inner-self rather than
concentrating on what’s happening externally.

This is something that many positive people have a good grasp of, but they also tend to follow these seven habits – you don’t have to wait until New Year’s to develop them. Perhaps you just purchased real estate in Orlando and are looking for a new start to go with that new home. Of course, anytime is the right time to develop habits that can enhance the quality of your life.


This moment, right now, is all you have, something that’s often referred to as “mindfulness,” defined by the ability to be fully present. Positive people often focus on being in the present moment rather than thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

Focusing on now brings better awareness of your thoughts and emotions which has been found in scientific research to bring happiness, self-confidence, satisfaction, and optimism into one’s life. It means soaking up the present moment as much as you can – the sights, sounds, and smells, like the aroma and flavor of that perfect cup of coffee, the songs of the birds, the interesting shapes in the clouds. When you do that, you’ll naturally be more positive.


If you find it challenging to simply enjoy the moment, try focusing on being grateful for
everything you have right now. It might be your family, your health, having clean water to drink and a roof over your head, or even your mistakes – if you never made them, you wouldn’t have learned from them to become who you are today. By giving your appreciation to everything you do have instead of dwelling on what you don’t have, it creates positive energy that naturally attracts more positive things into your life.

They Let Go

Positive people learn to let go, knowing that they can’t control what others do. Attaching yourself to what others may or may not be able to offer you often leads to a more negative attitude and overall unhappiness. Let happiness be the first thing you choose when you wake up each day. Picture negative thoughts bursting like a balloon by using visualization along with positive affirmations, like “I can create the perfect reality for my life as I see fit, and it looks like this…”

Bringing Out the Inner-Child

Remember what it was like to play as a child? What pleased you then can bring you the same joy right now. Maybe it’s rolling down a grassy hill, dancing around to silly music, or staring up at the sky, seeing animals in the clouds. Allowing yourself to experience those kinds of things regularly is a great way to cultivate a happier, more positive outlook.

Making a Difference in Others’ Lives

Developing a habit of making a difference in other people’s lives as often as possible is a great way to feel more positive. It can instantly make one feel happier and provide a new perspective, for example, by volunteering with others who are less fortunate and/or dealing with difficult challenges but somehow manage to hang in there. Positive people often make this a regular commitment, weekly, monthly or whatever their schedule allows.

They Don’t Fear Failure

Positive people understand that those who are held back by fear, afraid to take risks, never
really live a fulfilling life. They proceed with the appropriate caution but don’t allow fear to keep them from trying new things as they realize that failures are important steps leading to a more successful life.

They Find Ways to Release Stress

We all experience stress, but what matters is how we deal with it. A positive person finds ways to release that stress, perhaps by chatting with a close friend, going for a run, spending time in nature, or writing about the situation. Writing, even if it’s not to anyone but yourself helps to purge negative feelings that can prevent you from feeling positive and happy.



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