5 Things you should know about Gauri Lankesh who is Shot Dead in RR Nagar of Bangalore

Things you should know about Gauri Lankesh

It was 7:30 to 7:45, this incident happened and the noted Journalist Gauri Lankesh got brutally murdered by a group of unknowns in her residence at RR Nagar, Bengaluru. As per the sources, 6-7 rounds of firing has happened and the lady was hit by 6 bullets to embrace the death on the spot. The news has widespread across India and we are seeing severe protests against the murder of Gowri Lankesh on Social media and other channels. The dead body is shifted to Victoria hospital for Post-mortem and the investigation is going on in full swing. In this background, let us rewind and know about Gauri Lankesh in brief. Here are a few things you should know about Gauri Lankesh, the gutsy Journalist from Karnataka, India.

5 Things you should know about Gauri Lankesh

#1 Gauri Lankesh is a Daughter of Late P. Lankesh who was also a noted Journalist

P.Lakesh was a great man. He was a person of wisdom and sharp words. With his tabloid called Lankesh Pathrike, he had created a revolution in Karnataka media. He was a noted writer, speaker, and a beloved Artist who was also murdered for speaking against the nuances of society.


Things you should know about Gauri Lankesh

#2 Gauri Lankesh was the editor of Weekly Tabloid Magazine called Gauri Lankesh Patrike (GLP)

Gauri Lankesh was known for her words against the dark side of society, religion, caste and the practices of Hindutva. She was also known for some controversial articles about the political leaders and the practices of Hindutva. The lady was severely criticized for opposing ‘Made Snana’ in Kukke, Karnataka.

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#3 She was convicted of two defamation cases recently

It was 2008 when Gowri Lankesh published a story against BJP MP Leader Prahalad Joshi, the lady came to limelight. Through her story, she made some serious allegations against some of the noted names in Karnataka politics without giving any proofs. So, Mr.Joshi had to file a defamation case and hence she was held guilty of defamation. The court had sentenced Gauri for 6 months and put Rs.10,000 fine. Later she gets an anticipatory bail to evade arrest.

Things you should know about Gauri Lankesh

#4 Gauri Lankesh will be remembered as a Gutsy Journalist

She was a strong lady with serious ideological differences. Gauri took over editorship of the popular Lankesh Patrike after her father was killed in a murder and later started her own publication, Gauri Lankesh Patrike. The lady had to go through a defamation case and numerous allegations for expressing her views against Hindutva and other sensitive issues of India.


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#5 Gauri Lankesh’s latest tweets

Everyone has their right to express things. If you are killing a person for expressing his or her views then a question arises about Democracy. Violence is not an answer to every question and a violence can just lead to another violence and nothing else.

RIP Gauri Lankesh!