#BlockNarendraModi is trending and here are the 5 Reasons Why we Don’t Deserve a PM like Narendra Modi


With Gauri Lankesh got murdered by a group of an unknown in Bengaluru, outrageously a certain bracket of people are protesting against the incident in various parts of the country. If the protest was about the justice alone then things would not have become this worse. In the context of Gauri’s thoughts were against Hindutva and Modi’s Government, the suspicion has caught fire in the country. There are some serious allegations made against the Hindu Sanghas, RSS, and BJP being involved in the murder episode of Gauri Lankesh. All hail to perspectives and on the other hand, the investigation is going on.

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The hatred has spread to twitter and people are blocking Narendra Modi for a reason that his account follows trolls who cheered Gauri Lankesh’s murder. Surprisingly, it is true that the so called ‘right wingers’ and self-proclaimed “Hindu Nationalists” have celebrated the cold blooded murder. This is happening and whom to blame or whom to support has become a Million Dollar Question. Why People tag Narendra Modi for every damn issue and controversy? Why have we become so over judgemental? We are blocking Narendra Modi and passing hate comments about our Prime Minister for all the wrong reasons. Nothing wrong. Yes, we should hate him for a simple reason that we don’t deserve him.

5 Reasons Why India Don’t Deserve a Prime Minister like Narendra Modi

We don’t deserve him because he asks us to join him in the Development of India

It was a time when India was plagued with scams. The silence that was created was so annoying that the ears of Indians were longing to hear the leadership talk. When India was looking for a hope, Modi walks, a leader walks. A man of vision when delivered a speech at Red Fort on the eve of Independence Day, we all out burst and on that day, the seed of development sprouted in every Indian heart. He asked us to clean our society, he asked us to love our country, and nothing much. In the last two and a half years, the Swatch Bharath has picked up the momentum. Rural areas and the bigger cities have started to realize the importance of cleanliness. If an initiative becomes a mass movement then it definitely tenders and this is a perfect testament to it.

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We don’t deserve him because we have problems with his foreign tours

People want Narendra Modi to travel. We want him to sleep in the Parliament house, bark at the opposition, do scams, and loot the country. We are used to it, right? When some one like Narendra Modi comes in and doesn’t do anything of this kind then naturally we become interrogative. Modi traveled to strengthen the International relations and as a result, today we have successfully stopped the Doklam war. It is because of his foreign tour, UAE spoke openly against Pakistan sponsored terrorism. World’s biggest diplomats are now there in the friend list of Narendra Modi and this only benefits India, nothing else.

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We don’t deserve him because he is aggressive and dynamic

India was always looked as a defensive and peace loving country. Under the leadership of previous Prime ministers, the image of India on the World Map was powerless and feeble. It was Narendra Modi who chose an aggressive way to deal with sensitive issues. Be it Surgical Strike or the announcement of Demonetisation, Modi always took the bold steps. The Government has come face-to-face with Chinese Government and had extended an open support to Israel nullifying the rumors about Presidential Elections in Sri Lanka.

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We don’t deserve him because he has not taken a leave at least for a day

A leader is the one who does the things first and then asks others to follow them. Narendra Modi led Government is doing good in all the sectors of public service and the politicians are working with commitment. Politicians like Sushma Swaraj and Suresh Prabhu answering the queries of people on Twitter, and Modi participating in ‘Man Ki Baat’ are the examples to it. There is a way to go but this has never happened in India. Initiatives and actions like the ban of beacons and triple talaq are widely appreciated across the nation.

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We don’t deserve him because he focuses on Rural India

Narendra Modi led Government came up with initiatives like Pradhan Mantri Ujwala, Krishi Sinchai Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojna and few others to focus on the improvement of living standards in Rural India. The thought of asking people to give up their subsidies to help the rural women was widely appreciated. The Central Government has scrapped the planning commission and introduced Niti Ayog empowering the State Government on matters of planning. They also scrapped five-year plans and now, we have 3-year plans and 15-year plans with clear agendas and objectives. Niti Ayoga works like a Corporate entity with a CEO and answerable representatives.

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We have all the reasons to hate Narendra Modi but in reality, do we really deserve a Prime Minister like Modi? This is not a question about an individual of political stature. We block Narendra Modi today and tomorrow we say, “ Our Prime Minister is not accessible to Public”.



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