5 Horrendous Allegations Made by Ashneer Grover against the BharatPe Board!

The frantic corporate tussle between Ashneer Grover and the BharatPe board took an ugly turn when on Monday, Ashneer resigned from BhrataPe. After his resignation the media and the internet has gone on frenzy and everyone is curious to know the story and the problem behind it. Post his resignation, Ashneer has given interviews and went on to speak about the company.

Here are 5 most horrendous claims or allegations Ashneer Grover has made against the BharatPe Board!

  1. Ashneer has gone on record to say that this is a witch hunt and has been initiated against him on purpose without any backing or moral reason or even a legit claim!
  2. Ashneer has said that the governance audit was done on purpose and based on the claims made on Twitter. He has also said that the company takes Twitter too seriously.
  3. Ashneer has alleged that board and the company has released the details of the meetings and the developments in the media and has refrained from behaving like a private company.
  4. Ashneer has said that relationship between the company and him was always abusive and they never acknowledged the work done by him and the money he has saved for the company.
  5. Ashneer also added that his wife Madhuri Jain Grover was fired solely because of his relationship with her and no other fault of hers. The company went behind her solely for this reason.


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