3 Challenges Faced By Engineers

Engineers are creative and innovative. They are in every field, such as medical, transportation, constructions, and many more. They work hard to make other’s life better, but they also face many challenges to sustain in the industry. Below are the few challenges they face.

The pressure to Perform:

The pressure is always with engineers from studying engineering until they become an engineer. Engineering is a 4 years course and these 4 years are not easy. Each year has 2 semesters and the courses are not only theoretical but also practical. So this means while you are studying for engineering, you are already under pressure. There are huge numbers of students who face difficulty in complex calculations and as an engineer, it is difficult to stay away from graphs and calculations. The study load is so heavy that they study after classes too. It has been observed that many students cannot complete the course and leave in between. Once successfully engineering is completed, you will be working on real-time projects which will, directly and indirectly, contribute to a society, which means now you will be under more pressure to give the best as you are an engineer. There are many benefits and perks of becoming an engineer, but nothing comes easy. To be the best and outstanding engineers the students have to face many struggles that are going to polish them.


Social responsibility and ethics:

Engineers have to perform as per the ethical conduct. Ethics and principles are to be followed at every workspace. Following guidelines at the workplace will make you the best employee. As an engineer, there are many tasks and checkpoints to follow. There is information that needs to be kept as secret and not to be disclosed to anyone. Integrity is most valued in this field. An engineer is a socially responsible person and the projects they handle have a strong impact on society. An engineer has to handle different kinds of pressures to follow ethics. They are always behind finding new concepts and developing new processes. They also face criticism from society and experts. Engineers are supposed to build good interpersonal relationships within the project assigned. It is important to have a good reputation with the project manager. Understanding the expectation of the project is very important to make the project complete successfully.

Relevant and personalized education:

The kind of education the students are getting will help them to become a better person in any field. Their education shapes them and influences others when they grow up. One method is not going to work for everyone. Each student is different and so are their learning methods. Engineering is all about analytical skills with the sum, calculations, and graphs. Every student has its way of learning things in their style. They need to make more relevant methods of learning in all fields. Considering student’s separate needs, more personalized learning should be developed. In the last decade, India has seen very fast growth in Education infrastructure. For example, the state technical university for the state of Uttar Pradesh i.e AKTU was set up in the year 2000 and in just 10 years there were more than 600 colleges affiliated to it. AKTU intake students through UPSEE which is conducted every year.