10 Sandalwood Personalities Whose Return To ‘Form’ We Are Eagerly Waiting For

The movie industry can be a hard one. One moment, you are at the top of your career, and a blink later, you would be struggling. And to go back to where you were initially, the road will be pitch dark.

In Sandalwood, too, a few personalities have faced the issue. While they mesmerized us with their skills once, the going has been hard for them in recent times. Nevertheless, we are well aware of what they can do, and hence, we are eagerly waiting for them to return to form.



Although the fandom has not moved an inch, somewhere, a few of us feel that Uppi has not been up to the mark in his recent projects. His films are not entertaining so much, and the much-revered pop philosophy of his is taking a backseat. Most importantly, he is hesitating to wear the director’s hat, and all of it has made us ponder as to when we can see the Upendra of old anew.


For the start he had to his career, many felt Prem would become the next big thing in the industry. He still is, but if he can become sharper with his scripts and direction, the scene would become more positive. There is no single hater of his first three movies, and we hope he directs more such movies in the future.

Yograj Bhat

Many might say that Yograj Bhat should not find a place in this list, but for those who have watched his recent movies, the reality could seem understandable. Somehow, Yograj Bhat appears to be struggling to recreate the magic of Mungaru Male, Drama, and Manasaare with his recent movies. However, going by his next project, we can easily conclude that the out-of-form days could well find its way behind the maverick director’s back.



Although Ravichandran found success with the supporting act, he has not tried much of it in recent years. His style of filmmaking could find fewer takers now but him being known as a timely trendsetter, the stars are still waiting for the craziest of them to return.

V Harikrishna

A few years ago, almost every chartbuster on the radio or TV was a V Harikrishna composition. Although he still laps up big projects, the impact is somehow missing. We want that to change and are sure that it is round the corner.


As a comedian, Komal saw nothing but success. But when he desired to become a Hero, success and failures started coming in equal measure. Nowadays, the number of failures is higher, and for the skills he possesses, we really want him to succeed yet again.


Nenapirali Prem

Prem has been one actor who had been consistent with his performance at the box-office. Be it Nenapirali, Jothegaara, or Chowkha, the man had always been giving good hits to KFI. However, he seems to be out of touch in recent years. A lot of people who had fallen in love with his acting want that to change at the earliest.

Radhika Kumaraswamy

The craze that Radhika had then was beyond anything. Youngsters wanted to see her on-screen at any cost, and the family audience could not get enough of her presence on the screen. Unfortunately, all of it has changed now. That said, going by her recent pictures, Radhika still seems to have it in her to earn back the craze. We hope that happens through a few quality films at the theaters.

Srinagara Kitty

Not long ago, this man was projected to become a top figure in the Sandalwood charts. However, inconsistency put a break to Kitty’s aspirations. That said, he seems to be on a return, and we wish that he scores a few hits along the way.



The man who gave memorable films such as Moggina Manassu and Bachchan has been out of action recently. His talent, though, is unparalleled, and hence, we are eagerly anticipating for his return to form, something that should hopefully happen with his next movie featuring Upendra.