10 Largest Kingdoms in the world which our History books didn’t teach us

largest kingdoms

The history of mankind is bequeathed with innumerable stories of kingdoms and empires that have left an indelible imprint. Some of them were large enough to be remembered for centuries. These were great not only in terms of their expansion but also in their rich culture for what they stood for. Here is the list of top 10 largest kingdoms that have ever existed in the world.

Largest Kingdoms in the World

Rashidun Caliphate


The Empire emerged after Mohammad’s demise when his followers started to acquire various regions. Also known as the Umayyad Caliphate, it was the largest empire and was spread across almost 6% of total Earth’s land mass.

Ottoman Empire

Containing 29 provinces and various states, the kingdom spread across three continents: North Africa, Western Asia and South-Eastern Europe.


Byzantine Empire

Byzantine Empire, also known as the Roman Empire, lasted for almost a thousand years. It was famous for its strong military, flourishing economy and powerful culture.

Achaemenid Empire


Encompassing Africa, Asia and Europe, the huge empire was started by Cyrus the great and was also known as the Persian Kingdom.

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British Kingdom


Covering over a quarter of the Earth, British Kingdom was one of the longest surviving kingdom. Due to its wide span, it was said-“the sun never sets in the British Empire”.

Russian Empire

Russian Empire covered almost 15% of the earth’s land-mass and existed for around 200 years.

Mongol Empire


Genghis Khan was the leader of this group and he almost brought the whole world under his command. The empire became too big to be handled and thus eventually segregated due to the internal fights.

Roman Kingdom

This was formed by Germany, Poland, Eastern France and Northern Italy. Nations like Switzerland, Belgium, Holand and Principality of Liechtenstein emerged.

Qing Dynasty

China’s last ruling dynasty ended in 1912 and led to the present day Republic of China.


Akkadian Empire

Covering the modern day Iraq, Akkadian Kingdom is considered the first empire to manifest on the earth and the largest kingdom of dark ancient era.

These kingdoms differed in their culture, expanse and beliefs. Each had something or the other to teach the mankind.