10 Hero-Director Combinations That Must Happen Again For The ‘Second’ Time

Once a hero and director work together, there could be varied reasons why they may not come together again. Maybe, their opening partnership did not work out, or it could just be that the ‘right’ time may not have arrived.

To put it in a simple way, there are two angles that you could choose to view this hypothesis. It is inherent that if a hero and director deliver a hit together, their ‘next’ is eagerly anticipated. But, there is also one more perspective to this proposition.


If the first combination turns out to be a dud, the alliance may not happen ever again. However, the individuals could have grown big in their careers since the ‘first attempt’, and them reuniting now could actually excite the viewers.

In this article, we take a look at 10 Hero-Director combinations that must happen for the ‘second’ time.

Shivaraj Kumar – Upendra

First Movie – Om


This combination needs no explanation, and as per Uppi’s hints on the day of Om’s 25th anniversary, a Shivanna-Uppi reunion is well on the cards.

Sri Murali – Prashanth Neel

First Movie – Ugramm

The subtle-variances in Sri Murali’s acting combined with Neel’s method of elevating his protagonist offered a fresh experience to the viewers in Ugramm. Although the duo working again could take a lot of time, we just hope ‘Ugramm-2’ gets rolling at the earliest.


Rakshit Shetty – Simple Suni

First Movie – Simple Aag Ondh Love Story

While Simple Suni has gone on to establish his own style of ‘comedy’, Rakshit has managed to walk a different path, and give himself the image of an ‘all-rounder’. The duo working together will definitely be a treat to the youngsters and the college-goers.

Darshan – Prem

First Movie – Kariya


While many remember Prem’s ‘Execuse Me’ and ‘Jogi’, his debut movie – ‘Kariya’ is sometimes forgotten. This movie was not bad at all, and for Darshan, working with Prem could help widen the range of his fan-base.

Yash – Santhosh Anandram

First Movie – Mr. & Mrs. Ramachari

This combination might actually not be a bad idea to kick start Yash’s post-KGF filmography. Santhosh does know how to please the fans, and also attract the family audience at the same time. Hence, this could be a good idea to utilize Yash’s newfound image across the country.

Puneeth Rajkumar – Jacob Varghese

First Movie – Prithvi


A firebrand government officer taking on the biggies is a treat to watch, especially when you keep the situations as realistic as possible. Jacob Varghese did that with ‘Prithvi’ and we would like to see what he would do if Puneeth gives him another chance.

Sudeep – Shashank

First Movie – Bachchan

Bachchan is one of the most underrated films in KFI. Similarly, Shashank is one of the most underrated filmmakers in the industry. Sudeep reuniting with the ‘Moggina Manassu’ director could be a big boost to the ’emotional action-drama’ genre in Sandalwood.

Sudeep – Yograj Bhat

First Movie – Ranga SSLC

Well, the duo had plans to reunite but things failed to materialize. Sudeep uttering Bhat’s quirky dialogues will indeed be a treat to watch, and hence, we want them to work again.


Shivaraj Kumar – Narthan

First Movie – Mufti

Bhairathi Ranagal is an unforgettable role in Shivanna’s career, and to get a glimpse of this character alone, this duo must join hands together. Thankfully, this combination is close to its ‘second-fruition’.


Dhananjaya – D Sathya Prakash

First Movie – Jayanagar 4th Block (Short Film)

It is not very often that two selves who work on a short-film go on to create something together on the big screen. With Dhananjaya and ‘Rama Rama Re’ director Sathya Prakash, this could be a possibility, as the duo had worked on the highly successful short-film called ‘Jayanagar 4th Block’ a few years ago. Them reuniting will unquestionably delight the audience.