Zomato delivery boy becomes an ambulance; rushes 7 month-old baby to the hospital

On November 15, Ravi Dhokare never would have thought that he would play the role of an ambulance for a 7 month old in desperate need of medical assistance.

Helped a desperate father

Ravi is a Zomato delivery executive and spotted a father cradling his 7 month old baby in dire need of help. This is when Ravi stepped up and offered to help. Putting his job at risk, Ravi rushed to the aid of a father whose 7 month old daughter was choking.


Baby choked on dal-rice and gasped for breath

Devendra, a 38 year old construction executive who lives in Vadgaonsheri held his daughter tightly at the side of a road. Devendra’s wife is employed at a bank and the family was set to travel to Nashik the next day. As the new father woke up to feed his daughter, she choked on the food given to her.

“She suddenly choked on dal-chawal. After the reflux, she appeared to be gasping for breath. Fearing she might stop breathing, I rushed to get her some medical help.”, he said.

As he stepped out of the house, there was no doctor available at the neighbourhood clinic and that is when Devendra decided to go to the main road and seek help. That is when Ravi Dhokare saw them and came forward to help the family.


Any further delay would be fatal for the child

Ravi had just logged into the Zomato app to make a delivery but as he saw the situation, his priority changed and he got the baby to a hospital zipping past iternal lanes and shortcuts to make sure no further delay would take place. Once at the hospital, the doctors notified that any further delay could have proved fatal to the child’s health.

Since this incident, Ravi has been in constant touch with the family about the child’s health and even hung around after he dropped them off.

The Good Samaritan is being hailed a hero online and has received a lot of love from Twitter and other netizens.