‘Your Hero Might Have Become Popular But I Don’t Agree’: Bhaskar Rao Expresses Disappointment Towards KGF Movie

The former police commissioner of Bengaluru, Bhaskar Rao, now a member of the Aam Aadmi Party has expressed his disappointment with the film KGF 2.

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Bhaskar Rao in a recent interview with a YouTube channel has said that KGF 2 has given out the ‘wrong message’. He believes that the film showcases a ‘Rowdy’ (Gangster) as a hero and gives a wrong impression.


“Are you trying to show that Rowdism is a good thing?”, he asks. Recalling an incident when he served as Police commissioner of Bengaluru, he said that he was once invited for the screening of the film Dandupalya and while he was watching the film, someone had committed a crime just in the style of Dandupalya.

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He goes on to add that showing Rowdism as heroism is not acceptable for him. He also requested the fans not to watch these kinds of films as they may spoil them. He believes that a hero with a machete and muscles should not be idealized.

He says that we need to learn from Tamil and Malayalam cinema as those films are giving out a message and not idolizing a Rowdy. He speaks about how some films showcase scams and uncover the way the crime worked. All in all, he seems really not happy with KGF 2.


Bhaskar Rao
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Bhaskar Rao had previously expressed his disbelief about the film Gehraiyaan starring Deepika Padukone. He went on to say that the film was not a family entertainer.

Bhaskar Rao has recently joined the AAP after his resignation was accepted by the Govt.

Prashanth Neel’s take

Speaking about the film, Prashanth Neel had earlier informed that he enjoyed entertaining the audience differently. He had said, “I make a movie only for entertainment. All we wanted to do was make a huge Kannada film.”


“For KGF, it was never about the scale but content,” says the director, adding, “It was only after the film was released we realized that people connected with the story, emotions, and its belief system,” he said in an interview.