‘You Have To Stay Silent In This Industry’, Actor JK Exposes Nepotism In The Kannada Film Industry


In a first of its kind, actor Karthik Jayaram, popularly called as JK, has come out and spoken about the nepotism that exists in the Kannada film industry.

Even though people knew about the inherent politics in the industry, nobody had spoken about the nepotism that exists in the industry. This is the first time an actor has come forward to speak about it. In an interview with Vijaya Karnataka, JK opened up and revealed that he has also been a victim of nepotism. When asked if nepotism exists in the industry, he said,


“Yes, it exists. I have personally experienced it. Favoring your own people is nepotism. Giving an opportunity to them even though they lack talent is nepotism. I am not saying its wrong. Giving someone a chance is entirely their wish. But to resist the success of a talented person is wrong. Making sure talented people don’t get a chance is wrong. I have seen this in the last 3-4 years.”

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‘You Have To Stay Silent In This Industry’

Talking about his experience with nepotism, JK revealed that a film he had signed will be snatched away from him at the last moment. There are some people who talk ill about one to the producers just so that the film should not be made with you, he said. When asked about why nobody talks about this, he said,

“There is politics in that too. My film ‘Just Love’ was supposed to release in 2014. Since I have been speaking about this since then because of which now I have been kicked out of the industry. I am telling you honestly. I didn’t have work for a year. I will continue to raise a voice. In this industry, if you stay silent, only then you can survive. Just survive. You cannot make it big.”

Talking about the way to fight it, JK says there is nothing one can do. According to him, the industry people should be enlightened and he says time will teach a lesson for everyone. He believes in doing his job and the rest will follow.

This is unprecedented as this is the first time someone has spoken about nepotism in the Kannada film industry.



Source: Vijaya Karnataka