Bengaluru’s KSR And Yeshwanthpur Railways Stations To Get Face-Recognition Cams

Black marketing of tickets may become a thing of the past at the Bengaluru railway stations very soon. The South Western Railway (SWR) in its first attempt at introducing transparency is going to install CCTV cameras at the KSR Bengaluru City and Yeshwantpur Stations for the start.

New Arrangement To Give Big Jolt To Touts

This new arrangement is sure to give a major jolt to the touts who have men and women standing in the queue outside the counters for reservations at all the major stations from midnight for grabbing tatkal tickets.


The irony is that due to such touts people are deprived of getting confirmed tickets despite spending sleepless nights in the queue. The Railway Protection Force (RPF) officials said that this face-recognition software (FRS) has a feature that stores facial details of all the visitors that visit the stations thereby keeping a track of those who are frequently in the queue at the counter.

This footage can be used against the touts for booking cases. According to the RPF Bengaluru Divisional Security Commissioner, Debashmita Chattopadhyay Banerjee, SWR is planning to install hi-tech CCTV cameras as a part of the security plan of the station.

She further added, “At present, KSR Bengaluru City station has 70 normal CCTV cameras. We will install 150 additional hi-tech CCTV cameras of which 50 will have a face-recognition system.”


Banerjee stated, “Yeshwantpur has 35 normal cameras and we are adding another 50, including 25, with face-recognition abilities. These hi-tech cameras will be installed in a month or two.”

FRS System To Locate Potential Suspects

The intention behind the installation of this facility is to locate the potential suspects. The FRS will integrate the data obtained via video surveillance systems with the faces already loaded in the databases. Whenever the faces will match, an alert will be sent so that the agents of the touts can be trapped quickly.   

According to the senior railway security official, “Most touts deploy the same people at these stations to get tatkal tickets. If their faces are regularly captured by the cameras, we will be able to create a database. Once there are similarities between a face detected by the cameras and the image in our database, it will send us an alarm. This will help us easily identify the gang and bookcases.”


The SWR is planning to link the FRS with the database of RPF Security Management System and Crime and Criminal Tracking Networks and Systems (CCTNS). Banerjee added, “Apart from touts, these hi-tech cameras will also help us identify faces of smugglers, human traffickers, and terrorists. Once they enter the station premises and their face matches with the available database, then an alarm will be sounded off in the central control room. This will help us monitor suspicious activities at these stations.”

SWR To Have New Control Center

According to Banerjee, SWR is thinking of setting up a new command control center and also deploy some traditional baggage scanner. She added, “We’ve already intensified security at all railway stations after the recent terror threats. We have also identified vulnerable areas and blind spots of all stations and deployed additional security staff as well as CCTV cameras.”