Yash’s Brutally Honest Confession About His Blockbuster Hit KGF, It’s Rare For A Star

At the India Today Conclave Mumbai 2022, Rocking Star Yash was invited for an interaction with Rajdeep Sardesai. It was a great chat as Yash traversed through an array of questions of various genres. Speaking about his field and the ongoing debate between ‘North vs South’, Yash had a few comments.

I Need To Prove It Every Friday!

Rajdeep Sardesai started the question by taking words such as ‘Bollywood vs Sandalwood’ and Yash was quick to give his opinion that he does not believe in the ‘woods’. The KGF actor commented that all of them are branches of the Indian Film Industry and it is just that movies are made in different parts of the country.


He said, “‘I once said ‘let’s burn the woods’. Once, we asked people to treat us equally. So, we cannot be rude to people. Kantara is from Karnataka and it is doing well. Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana and Charlie 777 are some of the films that did well. Just because I have done KGF, I cannot slack off. I need to prove it every Friday. I cannot say I am beyond Bollywood.”
Yash talks about his role models

The ‘KGF’ actor spoke about his journey to stardom and revealed some details about the making of KGF. He mentioned that both for himself and his director Prashant Neel, a few references had to be taken to carve out the KGF franchise. While Yash first spoke about the yesteryear legends of Sandalwood, he then conceded that he did get inspired by the likes of Amitabh Bachchan and Rajinikanth.

yash india today conclave
Credits: India Today

Speaking about his next offering, Yash confirmed that all the rumours floating around need not be believed. He asserted that the confirmation of his next film shall come from himself. As per reports, Yash is in talks with Shankar for his next but, as Yash himself mentioned, it is just a rumour.