Yash won’t do what Prabhas did, Points out few ‘responsibilities’ of being a Pan India Star

Unlike Prabhas, Yash doesn’t want to get distracted after tasting success. He wants to carry the same passion after KGF and wants to work on good content. Here’s what he said.

Unlike Prabhas, Yash won’t get distracted

It would not be wrong to say that the kind of madness Yash has booked at the box office with the success of ‘KGF 2’ is truly phenomenal and has never been seen before. The Rocking Star has become a face that has taken ahead the name of the Kannada industry across the boundaries. But will his successful run continue in the Ticket window in the future or it would collapse like other Pan India star like Prabhas? Here’s how Yash spoke about what an actor is supposed to do after success.


Speaking at Film Companions show named ‘Front Row, the Rocking star says, “Once you set up a goal you become a slave to it. You will have no other choice. When things are not falling in place and these things are taking time, I genuinely believe it’s not completely about failure or success. It’s about bringing the right kind of people together. I believe in building a team. When you bring together a set of people you want them to walk with the same mentality and passion as mine. When that doesn’t happen it really bothers me.”

Being a Pan India star

After the humongous success of the Baahubali franchise, Prabhas was under huge pressure of delivering pan-India projects and had enormous expectations attached to his films. But he failed to deliver it. Nothing worked for the actor after Rajmouli’s Baahubali. Yash explains what a successful actor should do to deliver even more to the audience next.

While speaking about the next project he will be working on, the KGF star explains how important it is for him to be more selective. He says, “I want people who are passionate to work for the industry. I don’t want to work with someone who has come to me looking at my Box Office success. Money is not a big thing for me. I can make money in different ways. But as an actor, I want to grow. I want to work with people who come to me and tell me ‘Ok you have done KGF let’s do something different’, I want this type of person.”


“The fact is, I have met a couple of people working toward my next film. Yes, they have a good script and good vision but the only thing that is not working out is the ‘similar’ vision. Because from an individual’s perspective the script might be good, but it may not work for what I want to achieve or where I want to go next. Our visions are totally different”

“For now, I have not taken this success for granted, and 24×7 I keep working on it. Whatever I do it’s for people and will work for them and for their love.”

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