Yash Will Rise From The Death For KGF 3; These Indian YouTubers Have Made Prashanth Neel Nervous

After the massive success of KGF Chapter 2, fans are eagerly waiting for the third installment of the franchise. For now, it is still unknown if KGF 3 will show Rocky Bhai alive or if the makers will show Rocky’s previous life which was skipped in KGF 2. Interestingly, these fan-made stories on YouTube have impressive assumptions that are fun to watch, and hope the makers are observing this too.

KGF 3 fan-made theories

After the success of KGF: Chapter 2, fans are well aware that the makers have already disclosed KGF3, however, it has been also clarified that the makers aren’t planning for the third installment anytime soon.


Also, the KGF director is busy with Salaar starring Prabhas, which is produced under the Hombale Films banner. Following the announcement, rumors are high that Neel is creating a multiverse that will include Salaar.

Many believe that Prabhas will have a cameo appearance in KGF 3 and Yash may also appear in Salaar. Though there is no official announcement regarding the same, fans are optimistic that the incredible thing may happen.

Here’s the Kannada Version:


Meanwhile, some KGF fans on YouTube have strengthened the rumors to another level. Though it seems comical, the videos are quite entertaining.

Various YouTubers have linked KGF 3 with Salaar, and some have added illustrious video clips that show Rocky escaping or being rescued with the help of a submarine. Even the thumbnails for the videos are interesting and will certainly draw the attention of any person searching for a KGF Chapter 3 update.

These videos are garnering massive views, likes, and appreciation even though all are aware that those are not connected to the original story.


Here’s the Hindi Version:

Nevertheless, the views on these youtube videos clearly show the anticipation for KGF Chapter 3 and even fans have expressed it through their comments on KGF Chapter 3 trailer/teaser videos.

Director’s take on KGF 3

Previously, Prashanth Neel was asked if he was actually considering KGF Chapter 3, to this he told the Youtube channel Galatta Plus, “There is definitely a possibility of Chapter 3. That also comes out of compulsion. People have loved this world, they’ve loved this character and we are gonna keep it going. We don’t know when, but we are gonna keep it going”.


He added, “Of course, we have an idea. We had an idea for it a long time back actually, but right now we just want to take a big break and we will definitely come back to make that.”

Neel will step in for KGF Chapter 3 only after he is done with Salaar, NTR 31, and after Yash is available for shooting. Rumors are abuzz that before KGF 3, Yash will come up with two more movies, temporarily titled, Yash19 and Yash20. So, it can be said that KGF 3 may happen after a gap of 5 years.