Yaarivanu Unknownu: Meet Venkatesh Sharma, The Memer Behind The Ultra-Hilarious Posts On Kannada Digital Space

The Kannada Meme Culture has taken a surge in recent months. With quality content and astounding creativity on display, there is hardly anyone these days who are getting off their phones without a smile on their faces.

‘Yaarivanu Unknownu’ at the top of the pile

In past months, we are pretty sure you would have come across memes from a particular page. At the moment, these memes are a rage, and Whatsapp groups are inundated by them. Yes, we are talking about Yaarivanu Unknownu.


Handled by Mr. Venkatesh Sharma, this page is producing memes that are keeping everyone entertained. Especially since the start of the IPL, the laughter-limit is getting breached regularly. Behind all of this, there is a reason why ‘Yaarivanu Unknownu’ has become successful. We tell you why.

The ‘Cleanest’ Stuff on the Internet

It is easy to evoke giggles by bringing down someone. However, the real deal is when you can achieve it by keeping your content ‘clean’. Venkatesh Sharma has drawn the path for future memers from Karnataka with his work. His content is never objectional and does not demean anyone. As the profile of the Insta page itself says, ‘Yaarivanu Unknownu’ is the best abode for the cleanest Kannada memes.

Of course, when it comes to relatability, ‘Yaarivanu Unknownu’ is perfectly on point. Be it making use of bits from Kannada classics or being updated with the latest happenings, the posts from this page can bring a smile to faces belonging to every section of the society.

Venkatesh Sharma: The ‘Memes Maadonu’

Mr. Venkatesh is the single brain behind this page. Working as a project manager for a private company, Venkatesh is also part of Sandalwood. He is a screenwriter who can double up as a dialogue writer. While ‘Chamak’ and ‘Yaana’ were his first two projects, the third one is happening right now.

Talking about the growth of his page, Venkatesh said that things are looking nice at the moment. While the first 1000 followers on Insta took him a month, presently the reach is around 10 Lakhs per week. His posts reach at least 2.5 lakh unique accounts. The page is active on various social media platforms.

Well, in the present circumstances, our ‘digital-time’ must be calm and light-hearted. ‘Yaarivanu Unknown’ is contributing to it, and if you are yet to taste the content, here is a link to the Insta and Twitter handle.