Wuhan Virus : US Lawyer Files A $20 Trillion Case Against China

Xi Jinping
Courtesy: The New Daily

United States Lawyer Larry Klayman has filed a $20 Trillion case against China for the creation of the Coronavirus.

Originated in the Wuhan City of China, the virus has affected close to 189 countries, and been responsible for about 15000 deaths around the globe. With no vaccine invented as yet, the entire world is in a state of panic.


The Coronavirus outbreak has affected around 189 countries so far

US Lawyer files a case against the Asian powerhouse

US Legal counselor Larry Klayman has prepared claims worth $20 Trillion against China for intentionally creating and spreading the virus. Larry Klayman, along with Freedom Bunch and Buzz Photos, has documented the case in the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas. As per the record, China has damaged ‘US law, worldwide laws, settlements, and standards’ by using the virus as a natural weapon of war.

The claim further stated that “Since China has concurred by arrangement to fugitive such weapons, these activities can’t be authentic administrative activities of the People’s’ Republic of China and are not dependent upon any conceivable case of lawful resistance from suit.” 

The document also read that the reason for holding the infection inside the research facility was to cause harm to the US citizens and other elements, which act like a foe to the country.


The claim also detailed, “COVID-19 is an amazingly perilous ailment since it has an incredibly forceful nature, was intended to transform from individual to individual, spreads rapidly and effectively, no antibody exists yet because of it is another illness, the methods for transmission are not completely known with assurance, and medications are just barely being worked out, and the infection seems, by all accounts, to be around multiple times as dangerous as this season’s cold virus.”