Writing an Essay about Lifestyle: What to Pay Attention To?

writing an essay

Lifestyle essays are very interesting and tutors do really like them. Such academic assignments mirror student’s individuality and life habits. This is the best way to see how sincere a person can be in essay writing. Lifestyle writing helps students analyze their existence and see problematic points. Some students manage to realize that there are many valuable issues and that he or she is able to change something for the better.

Things to Mind When Writing Lifestyle Essay

It is quite clear that a student should mind both a structure of a paper and its topic. Lifestyle essay has the same structure as any other essay. The only difference is that each part should present some details about a person’s life story.


writing an essay

First of all, a student should keep in mind that the paper must include the following constituents:

  • Title Page

This paper section gives the required information about the author, group, research field, topic, tutor, college name, and date of performance. There can be some other data. College tutors should either show samples or provide a student with all details.

  • Introduction

The introductory part involves a reader into the lifestyle story. There should be also a thesis statement. This statement does not usually sound like a scientific hypothesis. It should rather sound like a philosophical argument. For example, “What could happen if I have not met Sue that terrible day in the supermarket? Actually, I could fail my exams and lead a monotonous lifestyle.”


It is also essential to begin properly. Try to avoid cliches and nonsenses. Never start the following way “My life does not resemble any other life” or “Let me introduce myself”. Such an introduction bothers and spoils the first impression. Start with a climax episode in your lifestyle but do not tell the whole story. Its end a reader can learn in the body section. Still, it is better to write about it in the conclusion. Such a method keeps the reader’s attention and intrigues him or her.

  • Body

This part of the lifestyle essay describes actually the lifestyle of an individual. It may sound like an autobiography. Still, it is not just the same. The autobiography presents naked facts. A lifestyle essay considers an interesting approach to data presentation. It should not sound dry and unemotional. A writer should convey the feelings into words and make the reader understand the reasons for each step or action.

There is no need to hide your mistakes and negative traits of character. We all are humans and the reader will surely sense the truth and the lie. Show that each wrong step gives us experience. Each mistake lets us avoid next ones. Each success is the result of hard work and self-improvement. Imagine that you are writing a scenario about your lifestyle for some movie. Reread it. Would like to watch such a movie? No?! Then you should make it more vivid and alive.


Do not forget about the thesis statement presented in the introduction. Here you should provide your essay with some details regarding its idea.

  • Conclusion

This essay part might remind us of the climax presented in the introductory part and present the outcome. By the way, it should not sound just like it is the end of your life. It is better to give some suppositions concerning your plans for the future. It should be something you want to achieve, change, or learn. Let it be also catchy and impressive.

For example, “Sue made me consider things which I neglected previously. I hope that one day I will be able to change somebody’s life for the better. I hope that I will improve somebody’s life and inspire someone.”


writing an essay

  • Bibliography (in case there are any sources)

It often happens that a student cannot present sources in this paper type. Still, one can use some citations or recall some life experience of outstanding personalities. You can just mention that in the bibliography section. Do not forget about writing style requirements (APA, MLA, etc.)

  • Appendix (in case there are some photos, video files, documents, etc.)

One can add some pictures, videos, or documents to picture some noble event. A person can also create PPT to present personal lifestyle. Such a presentation of the paper can even impress the college committee.

Things not to Forget when Writing Lifestyle Essay

Each paper should not only reflect key issues of a person’s lifestyle. It must also correspond to a number of college rules and requirements. The main issue is the formatting. The main points are:

  • Font type (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.)
  • Font size (12 as a rule)
  • Spacing (one or two)
  • Number of pages (depends on a college and type of work)
  • Footnotes presentation (depends on style like APA, ASA, Chicago, etc.)
  • Formatting of the bibliography section (books, magazines, newspapers, online sources, encyclopedias should be presented in a different way, especially, if some of them have more than one author)
  • Formatting of the appendix (each file might have a concrete format, like MP3 for audio and jpeg for pictures)

These issues are as important as the context of the paper. A student should not neglect them because the work will lack academic value. It often happens that students do not differentiate between writing styles. They look very much alike but still have differences. That is why students should study each paper style in details. There are official websites which can provide them with such information. Also, there are a lot of professional custom essay writing services committed to produce high-quality papers in accordance with client’s specifications.