World Naked Gardening Day on May 6 is an Interesting Event

World Naked Gardening Day

World Naked Gardening Day. What? Seriously? I was in splits when I first heard of this and literally couldn’t believe my senses. Yes, there is a day called World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD) which is an annual event celebrated Internationally on the first Saturday of May by Professional and Home gardeners. Sounds Crazy? Let us know more about it.

World Naked Gardening Day

Gardening is fun and it is timeless and anyone who has a passion towards it can do some activity in the buff; young and old, single or groups, rural and urban, black and white. Nature is open for everyone but in the race of making money and building houses, we forget that we are just a minute atom of this gigantic creation. Gardening is a community work that brings us all together and this World Naked Gardening Day has a reference to it.

World Naked Gardening

Why Naked?

First of all, in the western culture, going nude is a fun thing. Second, only to swimming where people are ready to go nude, naked gardening tops the list of family-friendly activities. They believe that our culture should move on to accept that our body is a particle of the universe and naked gardening is not a mere joy. It is a reminder for us to be honest as humans as a part of this planet.

WNGD was founded by Mark Storey (consulting editor for Nude & Natural Magazine) as a project of Body Freedom Collaborative (BFC). Corky Stanton of Clothes Free international assisted Storey with the promotion of this project. Inspired by World Naked Bike Ride Events, Storey started this day but unlike, it is not a public event.

“It is not about exposing your body to the people but it’s about body acceptance and being with one nature on your own. We actually do these events in secluded areas.” – Stanton in an Interview with Today.

naked gardening photos

The first WGCD was celebrated on September 10, 2005, which then was moved to the first Saturday in May which is continuing till date. There is no intention of large gathering at any particular location and as he said to New York Daily News

“ No Particular Organization owns World Naked Gardening Day.”

World Naked Gardening

So, what you actually do on this day?

On the first Saturday of May, make time and find a chance to get naked to do some Gardening. One can do in a private ambiance or if you are okay then you can join your Gardening club or family group. There are not rules, it is all up to you. Go public or stay private. Do it on streets or choose your backyard. Just get naked and embrace the beauty of nature and become one with it.

Secondly, share your experience with others. This is a rare event and let your friends know about it. Write down your thoughts about it or share it with the new portals. Submit stories and communicate the intention behind you going nude.

“When you’re out there with a gentle breeze on you, every last hair on your body feels it. You feel completely connected with the natural world in a way you just can’t in clothes.” – Barbara Pollard of Abbey House Gardens.

So, this was about World Naked Gardening Day. For more information on this event, you can visit the WNGD’s website Love Plants, Love Life.





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