25 Women Entrepreneurs Under One Roof – Visit Women’s Bazaar in Bengaluru On March 8th and 9th

flea market

This Women’s Day, Bengalurians have one more reason to rejoice. Around 25 women entrepreneurs from the capital city of Karnataka are all gearing up to set up their stalls for “Women’s Bazaar”- All Women Flea Market on March 8th and 9th, 2019. The entrepreneurs will set up their market at Garuda Mall, Commissariat Road, Ashok Nagar.

Since the event is free for everyone, you can visit it with your family and check out the various products that are on sale at the flea market. Some of the products that may interest you include home decor, footwear, jewelry, bags, chocolates, home-based organic products, and energy bars. These women are the entrepreneurs who with their hard work, dedication and excellence have managed to grow and build a strong network of the customer base. ( Venue – Garuda Mall, Commissariat Road, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru)

Things To Lookout For

At the Flea Market, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of products. The Bazaar will have something for everyone. For kids, you can pick up from the packed jams and T-shirts and for home decor, you can choose from the variety of book lamps, and craft and home decor artifacts. Since the bazaar is specially organized by women entrepreneurs, it will have all the things that attract women.

Some such items include handknit and jewelry items, packed food mixes for instant preparations, handloom sarees, jutis, bags, soaps, oils, dupattas, jewelry and so much more.

flea market

Get Introduced To Some Evolving Brand Names  

All the women representing this Women’s Bazaar in Bangaluru are quite professional and offer branded items that meet all the regular quality standards. Farm Veda by Maitreyi offers packed food mixes that have been introduced keeping in the need for a quick-fix menu for a working woman.

Similarly, Shubha’s Handmade Adda presents soaps and oils that are quite exquisite. Some other brands worth taking a note include Liyah by Kohil (Handloom Sarees and Jutis), Beads Loka by Archana (Semi Precious Jewelry), Country Craft by Vandana (Handicraft), Pikkle Shikkle by Satbir Singh Saluja (packed jams and pickles) and many more.  

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