Women in Bengaluru to get a Raksha Band, BBMP Plans

Raksha Band

In the frame of reference to Women’s security in the city, BBMP plans for something innovative. Women in Bengaluru to get a Raksha Band, a wristband which will act as a security device if the proposal put by BBMP gets approved.

This is a technology that helps women in distress alert their near and known ones, designed under the wearable technology module. This will also be connected to central monitoring agency and the band works merely by moving the arms in a particular way. It is named as Raksha Band and it goes with Raksha Bandhan, a festival where a brother abides by his sister’s security with a tie on his wrist.

Raksha Band is a 100-Crore Proposal under the Safe-City Scheme

N Manjunath Prasad, commissioner BBMP said, “ The 100 Crore proposal for Raksha Bands has been sent to the center with the money coming from Nirbhaya fund. The band costs Rs.700-800 and will be available for Rs.300.”

He also said, “ While wearing the band, if a woman moves her hand in a particular way, then her location will be sent to family members and friends. “

raksha band
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How does it work?

  • Raksha Band will be integrated with a mobile application where the numbers of police and emergency services will be Pre-programmed.
  • Users can add contact details of up to five guardians who will be alerted in case of distress.
  • The band also incorporates an option where audio clips and pictures can be captured and shared.
  • The mobile application which is integrated with the band helps the users to know about the availability of CCTV’s, lighting in the area, and the proximity of security agencies.
  • BBMP is planning for 10,00,000 bands in three years with an intention to help Women and thereby enhancing Women security in the city.

Source: TOI

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