5 Seductive Ways a Woman React To Men’s Colognes or Perfume Smell


There are six senses in a human body; the smell is one of them. The scent or fragrances play an essential part in our day to day life, creating memories as well as building an attachment to anyone or anything. That is why people give particular attention to the smell and fragrances in different types such as aftershave lotions, colognes, body sprays, solid colognes, and men perfume, etc.

The scent has a lasting impression on your brain, and that is why it is also known as your statement smell. It is also essential for your partner or opposite gender since women have strong senses including the scent. Therefore when you apply any cologne, women react to it including the following few everyday things which you can see in women when you use any particular cologne.


Why is it essential to apply the right and proper cologne for men?

As much as anything else is essential in men, selecting and applying good cologne is equally crucial. It not only helps them build their personality also allow them to attract women, therefore, a necessary part of a men’s wardrobe and appearance that which cologne they have applied.

While there are many scents and fragrances available in the market, a gentleman has to know what reaction they will get from women after applying the right cologne.

#1 Sex appeal

It has been advertised in the ads and marketing campaign that the colognes are increasing men’s sex appeal in women and they run after him just after few sprays. Well, that is not entirely true that any cologne can help you get women running after you, but it will help you increase your sex appeal.


Women usually have a stronger sense of smell than men, and that is why they are more attracted towards it, therefore if you are looking for a partner and want to impress few girls, add some cologne to your body and you can good to start. Usually, women prefer well-dressed gentlemen who have taken care of himself; also if you put a nice touch of cologne to it, the game can be changed.

#2 It shows your romantic side

Women always look after a man who is passionate and loving; good cologne is the best way to do it. Some scents help men to create a more romantic feeling as they are made from the floral perfumes. Therefore rather than saying and showing too hard, you can play an emotional impact on women as a romantic guy, all by applying the right cologne in the evening. Therefore if you are looking for a better date, meet up or want to impress few ladies than good cologne is your best bet.


#3 Colognes helps women in creating a sense of security and love

There are several parts which assist you in creating a memory. When we remember any person there can be several things which come together as a complete person such as their appearance, look, features and smell. That is why sometimes we sniff the scent of our love one either directly from them or their clothes. As much as anything else is essential, the colognes will help you create a stronger bond with a person because it will make women feel secure and connect that feeling with love.


Therefore while going out with your partner, you must also consider applying her favorite cologne which will instantly let her fall in love with you, makes her happy and also creates a stronger bond between you both.

#4 Colognes also helps in sexual arousal

Well, it’s true that a good cologne and fragrance can help activate sexual arousal in your partner as it may take her to the memory lane. When a man applies cologne, it can make a woman or his partner more comfortable and reliable which is the most common reason for arousing a sexual sense in her. That is why people are investing more and more in good colognes as it is an essential part of their personality and also a necessary element of women’s sexual interest.


#5 Colognes help men build their personality and personal style statement

It doesn’t matter how good you have dressed up and looked clean, as far as you do not smell nice, women may step down for you. That is why when you are looking for creating a good impression on women and girls; it is essential that you behave like a true gentleman and build your personality like that. When you are going to make a new relationship with women, make sure that you also pay attention to your sense of style and personal statement, which makes you different from other men and also helps you get more attention.


That is why good cologne will help you explore your personality and personalizing it the way you like. You can also go for different types of products and perfumes to build different layers of scents which can be customized according to your liking.

Make sure not to overdo things as well as never use too much cologne as it doesn’t seem helpful and may disturb the smelling sensation of people around you. It can also discourage women to initiate a conversation and have an amateur impression of you and your personality.

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