Woman Accuses Pakistan Captain Babar Azam Of Sexually Exploiting Her For 10 Years

Babar Azam

In a piece of shocking news coming from Pakistan, a woman has come forward and accused the Pakistan cricketer Babar Azam of sexually harassing her for over 10 years.

The woman held an explosive press conference where she revealed that the Pakistan ace cricketer had promised her marriage and exploited her for years only to cheat her. She also accused him of sexually abusing her for a decade. She also claimed that she was with Azam through thick and thin and had also helped him financially.


Babar Azam(1)

In the same press conference, she revealed that both of them met in school and had become friends very early on. According to her, Babar had proposed marriage to her in the year 2010 when he had not yet debuted for Pakistan’s National Cricket Team. They had apparently eloped for a court wedding the following year. Babar Azam was named captain of Pakistan’s Under 19 team in 2012 and went onto win the U-19 World Cup. Post the victorious tournament, she alleged that Babar changed his mind as he climbed the ladder of fame and eventually made an entry into the national team.

Accusation Of Physical Assault

The woman further revealed that the cricketer threatened to kill her when she told her that she would approach the police. She also claimed that he physically assaulted her thereafter. She also claimed she paid for Babar’s expenses when he was yet to burst out in the national circuit.

This press conference has left the cricketing fraternity shocked as Babar Azam is looked at as an ambassador of the sport and is often regarded as one of the great batsmen of the generation. He was even named as the captain of the Pakistan cricket team just a few months ago. It needs to be seen how the Pakistan Cricket Board will respond to this.