‘Witnessing Draupadi’s Cheerharan’: Shiv Sena Launches Yet Another Attack On Kangana

Courtesy: DNA India

In the latest publication of Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece Saamna, several attacks have been carried out against actress Kangana Ranaut. Both parties are currently at loggerheads over a variety of issues.

‘Witnessing Draupadi’s cheerharan…’

An editorial in the publication said: “Like Draupadi’s ‘cheerharan’ (disrobing) by the ‘Kauravas’ while the ‘Pandavas’ kept their heads down, even now we are witnessing a similar scenario.


It further said: “Though it is well-known that Mumbai symbolizes ‘national integrity’, why should the ‘controversy-mafia’ always blow this trumpet only for Mumbai and not in any other state capital? This is the land where Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj, Mahatma Jyotirao Phule, and Bhimrao Ambedkar were born, fought against inequalities, and revered freedom fighter Senapati Pandurang Bapat once said, ‘Maharashtra is a Nation; If Maharashtra dies, the Nation will perish.


Insult to Ambedkar

Shiv Sena also pointed out that the entire scenario is an insult to Dr. Ambedkar. The editorial mentions: “This was the biggest insult to Ambedkar. They are not bothered about slighting Ambedkar if it helps them grab power with such persons. There are many such sly snakes in our midst who hail the enemies of Maharashtra.

There are a few paragraphs that also say that Bollywood has not respected its true Karmabhoomi. One of the paragraphs reads: “People from all over came to try their luck in Mumbai`s cine world, first lived in hovels or on pavements, but after luck smiled on them, went on to build palatial homes in Juhu, Pali Hill, or Malabar Hill. But they were never ungrateful to Mumbai-Maharashtra and in no way were dishonest with their ‘karmabhoomi’ here.


Source: DNA