With The Help Of Dhoni, I don’t Have To Bother For India-Pakistan Tickets, Says Chacha Chicago

Mohammad Bashir aka Chacha Chicago who is a Karachi born has been getting free match tickets for India-Pakistan clashes from former Indian Captain MS Dhoni since 2011. Dhoni who is at his end of the road has decided to do some services to his fan. I don’t have to struggle for India-Pakistan tickets, says the 63-year-old.

The Karachi Born Belives Dhoni will buy him tickets

Chacha Chicago who is a Karachi born has flown into Manchester from Chicago for Sundays’ high voltage match between India and Pakistan. Interestingly Bashir has not bought the tickets as he is confident that Dhoni will ensure that he is at the Old Trafford when the first ball is bowled.

“I arrived here yesterday and saw that people are ready to pay as much as 800-900 pounds for a ticket. A return ticket from Chicago costs the same. Thanks to Dhoni, I don’t have to struggle for a match ticket,” the 63-year-old, who owns a restaurant in Chicago and is an American passport holder, he told.

Dhoni and Chacha Chicago have shared a unique bond between each other since the 2011 World Cup when Dhoni went out of his way to arrange a ticket for him for the semi-final against Pakistan in 2011clash in Mohali.

“Imagine I get the ticket for free when most would pay a fortune for it. I have got a surprise gift for him this time and I hope to give it to him later today,” said Bashir.

“I don’t call him as he is so busy. I keep in touch only through text messages. Long before I came here, Dhoni assured me of the ticket. He is a great human being. I can’t think of anyone else doing what he has done for me since that 2011 game in Mohali,” Bashir added.

Bashir’s Love for India

The 63-year old’s love for the homeland is understandable but the reason for his affinity towards India is his Hyderbadi wife, besides Dhoni of course. His match-day uniform has both India and Pakistan colors and Bashir calls himself an ambassador of peace.

Sudhir Kumar Gautam a famous Sachin fan, who is one of Indian friend Bashir knows well. In fact, these both are sharing the same room in Machester.

“I book the room and we stay together. Thanks to Allah, I am doing good financially and that is the least I can do for a friend. I just gifted Sudhir a phone and it made him really happy. These are the little things in life that give you happiness.”

It is said that Bashir has overcome three heart attacks, and he carries as many 12 medicines when he is traveling anywhere. “It is not easy with my medical condition. Now it seems like, I will be breathing, as long as cricket is there in my life. Maybe I am alive only for cricket,” Bashir concluded.

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