With No Income To Pay Their Rent, These Bengalurens Have Found Abode In Concrete Pipes Across The City

Courtesy: Times of India

The Coronavirus crisis in the country has left many jobless, cashless and a few of them have been rendered shelter-less too. In Bengaluru, there is a section of migrant workers who decided not to travel to their home towns under various circumstances.

With a couple of landlords not sparing a thought, a few of them have been forced to take abode in concrete pipes, which have been lying around in the city to lay down fresh sewage lines.

The number of volunteers donating food and ration has gone down in recent days, and this has further affected these individuals. Rains and policemen have also been an issue of people living in these 4-diameter concrete pipes.

Courtesy: Times of India

A few people speak about their problems

Speaking to Times of India, Shantamma from Mysuru said that she was not keeping well and hence had not traveled to her native. She had been working in a hotel and with the eatery shut now, she is now without a job. With no money to pay for her Rs 1200-rented home, her landlords also asked her to vacate. With nowhere to go, Shantamma found that a few people were living in these concrete pipes and then decided to join them.

Another woman, Roopa, said that the lockdown has brought them back to the streets. Basically from Udupi, the 36-year-old said that with no money, these pipes are the only possible places for abode, as “they don’t ask for rent”.

Currently, both these women are living in concrete pipes in Okalipuram. To use the toilets, they have to walk at least a kilometer, where a public facility is located near the Majestic Railway Station.

Source: Times of India