With Its Unique Title, The Trailer Of This New Kannada Movie ‘Dichki Design’ Revokes Curiosity

dichki design trailer

The trailer of the new Kannada film Dichki Design was released a couple of days back on the Dbeats Music World YouTube channel.

The film has a unique and catchy title; Dichki Design. With the trailer, we get to know that it is about a man called Madeva who has the sole ambition to set foot in the city of Bengaluru and witness the Duniya. What happens next is the crux of the story.

Story of Design Madeva

The trailer and perhaps the film too has been divided into three phases of Madeva’s life; the pre-Bengaluru phase which is simply labelled as Madeva, the one when he turns his lifestyle around and becomes like a rock star (?) which is given the same Design Madeva and the final phase being when he falls in love with a girl in the city which is called Love Madeva.

dichki design trailer

It Revokes Curiosity 

The trailer has been edited in a way to evoke curiosity in the minds of the viewer and it achieves it to a certain extent. The cinematography is not vibrant but is good enough to suit the story and the milieu. The background score is decent. The thing which stands out is the peculiar weirdness of the trailer which reminds us of the films like Delhi Belly or Brad Pitt’s Snatch.

The one aspect where the trailer fails is the casting and the performing part of it. Whenever the characters spoke, it always felt that they are speaking way far from their character and close to how the actor would speak otherwise in life.

dichki design trailer

Incidentally, the lead actor, Rana Chandu is also the writer and director of the film. Off late, people doing this kind of multiple roles have soared well in the industry and Rana would be hoping for the exact same.

The film is produced by Golden Lens Cinemas with the music composed by Karthik Chennoji Rao and Ronada Bakkesh and lyrics by Rana Chandu himself and Avinash Balekkala. Samrat is the director of photography and Kishore is the choreographer. The film is edited by Suresh Armugam. Apart from Rana, the film also stars Nimika Ratnakar.

The film is set to release on July 19th, 2019 Worldwide.



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