Wing Commander Shaliza Dhami Becomes The First Women Flight Commander Of A Unit

Wing Commander Shaliza Dhami

Women are making a mark in all the fields including Defense and Army. Not only that, they are moving forward and now leading from the front in many sectors similar to Indian Air Force Wing Commander Shaliza Dhamia who has now been appointed as the first Indian female Flight Commander of a flying unit. It means she will be the second in command of her unit. 

Its Dream Come True For Shaliza

Shaliza always wanted to become a pilot since she was studying in the 9th grade. She was born in Ludhiana to parents having government jobs. Her first solo flight was in Hyderabad in 2003 on HPT-32 Deepak which was a basic trainer aircraft. By 2017, she had spent more than 2,300 hours in the air.


Now after serving the IAF for 15 years, she has been given the privilege of donning the illustrious cap of Flight Commander. Incidentally, Shaliza was also the first female flying instructor as well as the first woman officer who received a permanent commission of the flying branch. 

Dhami flies choppers and has now taken over as the Flight Commander of Chetak helicopter unit at Hindon airbase in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Shazia will operate a light utility helicopter with the capacity to accommodate six passengers or carry 500 kg with a speed of maximum 220km/hour.

First Woman Flight Commander Of Unit Shaliza Dhami
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Women Surging Ahead Despite Prejudice 

When girls are small, they are told to play close to homes and engage in somber activities. That is the reason why many girls and young women never try out new professions like IAF and adventure sports. IAF and army are considered too dangerous and rough for women even though now they are going ahead in these sectors as well.  


Even  the Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said last year  that combat roles would “put women at risk and they can’t leave behind young children.” Nevertheless, women like Shaliza Dhami are setting up examples and striding ahead.

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