Hijab Row: Will Try To Win Hearts Of ‘Misguided’ Muslim Girl Students, Says Karnataka Minister

After the Karnataka High Court upheld the Hijab Ban, the Education Minister, BC Nagesh on Tuesday said we will try to win the hearts of the ‘misguided’ Muslim girls.

Hijab Row

A hijab is not an important religious practice, the Karnataka High Court stated today in a huge disappointment to students who had challenged a ban on wearing the hijab in class.


The court further stated that the prescription of school uniforms by the State is a valid restriction of the students’ rights under Article 25, and hence, the Government Order issued is not violative of their rights.

Soon after the verdict, there were mixed reactions amongst the people. Some call it a victory of secularism meanwhile some call it a ‘damage’ to fundamental rights.

Education Minister’s reaction 

Reacting to the judgment, many stepped up and reacted to the verdict. At first, it is the state’s Primary and Secondary Education Minister, BC Nagesh, who has said that we will try to win the hearts of the ‘misguided’ Muslim girls who are against the move. He adds that “we will get them in the mainstream of education.’’


Nagesh also stated the flaws in the Karnataka Education Act-1983, particularly the one related to the school uniform, will be corrected.

“I have a belief that the girls will come to the college and resume their education because the people of Karnataka neither speak against the court verdict nor go against it. I consider that these girls were misguided. They will be ‘all right’ in the coming days,” he added.

People disagreeing with the verdict

Speaking on the same, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi also responded to the ruling. He said, ” I disagree with Karnataka High Court’s judgment on hijab. It’s my right to contradict the judgment & I hope that petitioners appeal before SC.”


Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah also gave his reaction and said, “Very disheartened by the verdict of the Karnataka High Court. Regardless of what you may think about the hijab, it’s not about an item of clothing, it’s about the right of a woman to choose how she wants to dress. That the court didn’t support this basic right is a travesty.”