“Will not stop tweeting, will not stop questioning”: Kannada Actor Chetan After His Release From Jail

Kannada actor Chetan Kumar AKA Chetan Ahimsa who was arrested over a tweet on the Karnataka High court judge hearing the Hijab row, was on Monday released from jail after a court had granted him bail on Friday. After his release he has made a striking statement again.

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The Court while hearing his bail plea had granted him bail on the Friday evening but owing to the occasion of fourth Saturday, the formalities were pending and he was released on Monday.


After his release from jail, Chetan said he would not stop tweeting and questioning. He said, “This is democracy and we have the right to question. I will not stop questioning irrespective of who is against me,” he said after his release from jail.

His tweet questioned the credibility of the judge who he termed as misogynistic. Prior to this he was also under the limelight when he made remarks on the concept of Brahminical dominance.

The question over him being deported to USA is pending before the Karnataka Govt as he is USA citizen as well.