‘WiFi Drops by One Bar’ Are Going Viral, Twitter Is Flooded With The Funniest Memes

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Internet is one of the greatest inventions the mankind has ever created. Man has made this invention a part of his life and without which it is like a life without a soul. Talking about having an internet connection, WiFi is a technology that allows the user to connect devices with internet connection such as computer, laptops, mobile phones, and other equipment. Having an alone a network connection doesn’t do the job, it should also have a good speed to work effectively and carry out our daily doings. However, the netizens have come up with a new trend which has taken the twitter into a storm. Named as ‘WiFi Drops by One Bar’, it is the newest meme content for the social media users describing the WiFi speed.

WiFi Drops by One Bar trends

The study has revealed that the topmost inconvenient thing that can happen to a man is having a slow WiFi network. Unsurprisingly, the internet is a part of our life where we do almost all works which include texting, calling, entertainment, shopping online, booking cabs or tickets, paying bills, ordering food and maybe some times used as educational purpose. However, these tasks could only be done if there is a strong internet connection.


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Relating it to a common situation, netizens have come up with a new meme that describes the WiFi speed. We all are the victims of the slow internet connection which makes us go crazy, keeping that pain in the mind netizens created ‘WiFi Drops By 1 Bar’ meme which is quite relatable.

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