Reasons Why Users Are Abandoning Your Online Shopping Cart

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Did you know that over 97% of customers abandon their online shopping? This means 97% of people do not end up buying the products despite having products in their cart. That is a high number and it is definitely something that you should be alarmed about. However, understanding why cart abandonment takes place in the first place can help you see how you can improve and ensure your customers purchase from your online store.

  • Design Is Not Appealing

Mobile users want the perfect view of the website. If the design is not appealing enough or good enough then the chances of them leaving are higher. Many websites are not designed to look good on mobile phones and this can be a big problem. This includes the online cart which is not optimized to view on phones. Shopify takes great care to ensure that the page of your website looks stunning on the mobile too. It provides people with a wide variety of templates that can be used and it takes care of the mobile cart so it can be easily used by the customer.Shopify has lots of templates you can choose from.

  • Lack Of Testing

Some online stores do not perform testing. Testing is the best way to know what works for customers and what doesn’t. The ability to quickly adapt to the changing customer demands should be a priority if you truly care about your business’s growth. All the little details should be kept in mind and the testing is a very important part of knowing what works for customers. Customers who shop using their mobiles is going to increase in the future. This is why you should optimize the mobile aspect of your website like Shopify does for you free of cost if you have a store.

  • Signup

One of the reasons that customers abandon online cart is due to forms that they might need to fill. Do you need the customer to sign up before they can continue with the purchase? Do you make it mandatory to do so? Especially when it comes to mobiles, you will only find a handful of people who want to register and then buy. They might simply think it is a huge waste of time and they might feel like they are being forced into it. You can leave an option for the customer to consider registering. But never force registration on them because you will lose out.

  • Lengthy Checkout

Some e-commerce stores make the mistake of making the checkout process lengthier than it needs to be. This can turn off many customers as they are not so patient with filling out details at every step along the way. Many websites are not optimized for viewing which can be a pain. People strain to try and make sense of what they have placed in their cart. If the viewing is not simple and clear, then they simply leave. You should work on reducing the number of fields where the customers need to enter their details and make the process faster and smoother.

  • Lag In Loading

Slow loading is something that frustrates many users. Customers want the ability to check the products and make decisions fast. If your website is slow to open then customers won’t be excited to add more products to the online cart. In fact, the slow loading will lead to them abandoning the cart and not completing their purchase. Shopify is powerful when it comes to this because it ensures your website opens instantly even on a mobile. Shopify has a host of apps that you can use to do this and it can help improve SEO as well in the process.

  • Payment Options

Does your online store support all the latest payment options and payment gateways? If not then you are losing out and this can be a big contributing factor to the cart abandonment. You need to provide your customers with a wide range of payment options such as PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards. This will enable more users to be able to conveniently pay. Security is another big factor as you should have compliance to be able to securely let your customers pay. Shopify provides all this and more.

  • Interruptions

Mobiles are prone to interruptions and disturbances of many types. Your customer might get a call, an important message, or perhaps the customer wants to check his Instagram. When the customer returns to your website, is the online cart in the same condition that he left it in? Or is he required to re-enter all the details he did previously? Many customers cannot stand entering details due to minor interruptions. This is why you should ensure that your website’s cart stays as it is if the customer leaves the website and can come back to complete the purchase.

You can try Shopify for free and check out their online cart yourself. This will give you a thorough idea about how the shopping cart system works with your online store.



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