Why there is so much Buzz around Upendra joining Politics and starting Prajakeeya?


The Veteran actor and an intelligent director of Kannada Film Industry, Mr.Upendra is all set to redefine the way of Governance in Karnataka and the entire state is super excited about it. There were talks and hoaxes about the actor taking the route of politics but nothing was definite about it. From an official launch in the press meet held by the actor himself, it is clear that he is entering Politics and is starting his own party called ‘Prajakeeya.’ The actor has no intention to join other political parties and the entire motto behind this is to bring a change that has not been witnessed in the past.

Why there is so much Buzz around Upendra joining Politics?

Upendra is not just an another film maker who is quantified based on the number of hits and flops. He is a thinker, a trend setter, and the sensible director who always questioned the wrongs of our society in the films he wrote and directed. His movies like ‘A’, ‘Upendra’, ‘OM’, and ‘Super’ are an instance of it and somewhere people thought and anticipated that this person should join politics. In fact, when his movie ‘Super’ got released, people went mad about the vision of this genius film maker.



Upendra is the first actor to start his own party in Karnataka and again it is not an another money minded policial party. The entire concept behind this party is so unique that it created all the buzz needed in no time. It is not ‘RajaKeeya’ but a ‘Prajakeeya’ where Praje (Citizen) is put in the front row. In the audio clip that was given to media, Upendra has laid down his idea of Prajakeeya which has sprouted the seed of excitement, belief, disbelief, and hatred ness, all at a time in the minds of people. There is no doubt that the buzz has already created and let it take the path of positivity in the coming days.

Do you support Prajakeeya? What do you need to do for it?

The team has not officially launched the party and everything is still in an ideation stage. The crux of Prajakeeya is to break all the stereotypes of Politics and to start something where a Citizen directs political leaders as the workers of society. It is an alpha of a system where there is a space for ethics and true democracy.

If you wish to support Prajakeeya then all you need to do is to share your idea of an ideal society with the team of Prajakeeya. Come up with a solution to your problems you are facing in the society and drop an email to [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected] Show your support on Social media by following their page www.facebook.com/NimmaPrajakarana.


As the citizens of this nation, it is our responsibility to support and stand with the good cause. It will have an equal and opposite side to it but the cause can bring a change in the society.